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Oklahoma Skies: You Got to Love Them

Updated on October 15, 2017

Variety of Beauty in the Skies Over Oklahoma City

All rights reserved by photographer and writer of these articles.
All rights reserved by photographer and writer of these articles.

The Most Unique Scenes Are Over Oklahoma

I came to this big metropolitan city about 10 years ago. I am still here looking at the most unusual sky scenes that I have had the pleasure of photographing. No wonder we experience the most unusual weather around. You can see everything from stormy skies to beautiful sunsets, and then out of the blue comes a storm. and there in the midst beams out a rainbow. It makes a person want to keep a camera handy all the time. It is the one thing that is unique to this area.

I know we have tornado chasers, and I am proud to know they are on duty protecting this city from the threatening clouds, hail, and severe lightning storms. Those are the skies I really do not want to encounter, but I am afraid I would have my camera trying to catch one of those tornadoes, if it were not for the fact I am running for cover. I would like to thank all those weathermen in Oklahoma City, that I watch every time a threat of storms comes at us. I know we have a lot of channels, and I would like to extend that thank you to all that chase storms to keep us safe. Thank you to the city of Oklahoma that has some of the loudest and most heard sirens in this city, when storms are coming our way. It really makes us feel more secure.

I truly do appreciate the beauty found in nature and the Oklahoma horizon. I could paint pictures from some of your scenic skies. Maybe someday you can come to Oklahoma and visit this beautiful country and see these skies for yourself. Happy Sky Watching where ever you are. I always have a camera ready to go, and If I do not, then I am regretting it. I tell myself you just missed the biggest most beautiful sky scene in the state. That seems strange, but the skies here are ever-changing and so unique.

I prefer to see beautiful sunsets, and the beauty that surrounds all the plants and animals in my environment. It is like a special gift given to me to each and every day I step out the door. Stormy skies can just go away, but rain and no drought are certainly welcome any day that I step out on my porch. I do live on the top of a hill, and that is one advantage I have to see the skies and admire the beauty and uniqueness. Keep on coming to Oklahoma, because you rock my feelings every

I am letting the pictures speak to you. I cannot say or describe how it makes you feel, when you read my article, but I know what it does to me. It is like taking paint and rearranging the unique sky pictures every day. The colors range from primary to secondary colors with all kinds of tints, hues, and attributes. I am sure that as I feel such a wonderful feeling inside that maybe it could take you somewhere in your thoughts also. It is beauty at it's best. I would say that with all the cell phone owners taking selfies along with other shots, and those of you that have digital cameras like myself, then get ready for some spectacular events to be seen in the atmosphere.

Every day is special, and every day is different in many ways. It is like a palette of beauty, and your emotions can range from being highly exciting to the feel of great warmth. It can take you like drama in a theater to great heights. So put on the sky scene and get ready! Let the drama come forth, and I would ask you to imagine all the majestic greatness there. That means you do not have to live in Oklahoma to appreciate the beauty of the area in which you live. Treasure is always found in seconds, when the sky can change in just a few minutes. Record it for posterity by filming it, or you can also paint or write about it.

Good luck on the experience. You might even decide to write a novel, or you can dream about something it reflects to your memory, or it might even generate a new experience for you. The important part in showing you all this is to imagine all the thought processes that can come forth to you.


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    • davidseeger profile image

      davidseeger 6 years ago from Bethany, OK

      Welcome to my hometown too. It's good to see someone who can appreciate Oklahoma's advantage so quickly. So many have to take a while to get past the differences. Many Military come here on temporary duty and decide they like it too much to pull and leave when they retire. I hope that you continue to enjoy it.