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Old "Art" - Some Paintings, Drawings and Memories

Updated on August 3, 2017
an antique baby shoe my mother had collected
an antique baby shoe my mother had collected

When I was a child I think I was influenced by my grandmother and aunt who were artists. My aunt became an art teacher and my grandmother painted floral designs on antique furniture, a style popular at one time. They had an income from their talents, I realized this was just a short lived hobby for me, something new to explore.

from a photo I took of a peddler on a donkey in Tehran
from a photo I took of a peddler on a donkey in Tehran
from a photo I took of  the Shahyad Tower in Tehran
from a photo I took of the Shahyad Tower in Tehran
a modern photo of Shahyad Tower
a modern photo of Shahyad Tower

In 1978 my parents and sisters moved to Tehran, Iran. My father worked for AT&T and took an assignment there. The revolution started shorltly after they arrived in August. In December that same year I went for what was to be a 3 month stay. I was evacuated along with my sisters after 10 days. My parents departed shortly after.

I took some photos and these drawings I made for an oil painting class I took while attending community college before university.

This is from a photo of the canal in Grand Haven Michigan in the late 1970's. I lived there alone for a few years and spent a lot of time running along the lakeshore.


This is not a very good sketch of my brothers dog Cinder. It was our first labrador and a big part of our family for a few years. When I moved away from our home in Cadillac, Michigan, it was hit by a car and killed shortly after. We were heart broken.


These are some drawings I made when I was bored, just out of high school and recovering from an illness. I wasn't sure what the future held for me. I liked to draw cartoon faces. This is the only "faces" drawing I still have. One I lost had hundreds of different faces sketched similar to this.

These were from my sketch book for my oil painting class. The lard drawing was inspired by an episode of the "Little Rascals". I can't explain what inspired the shadow box, just my imagination running away with me. The dump was kind of my representation of how I felt by having my heart broken by the same person more than just once or twice in the previous few years. The tuna, I don't know, kind of suggestive I guess.

American Gothic by Grant Wood
American Gothic by Grant Wood

On to paintings:

I always liked this painting, so I tried to copy it. Now I know why I didn't pursue an art career.

Following the faces theme in oil painting. I never pursued this much further but I should have tried to re-create my faces sketch in an oil painting. I'm not sure where the inspiration for this face came from.

These two oil paintings were a compilation of characters I saw on the pile of greeting cards, get well cards, etc. that I had collected. I'm not sure why I chose to paint these cutesy figures, definitely out of character for me. I blame it on the illness I was recovering from and it's affect on my personality.

This one brings back a lot of memories, again it was adapted from an image on a greeting card. I painted this while in the hospital in my home town. I was ill and had an extended hospitalization for tests. Doctors could not figure out what was wrong. One doctor claimed this painting was my depiction of him. While I was there I had a large group of freinds visit me. It was then that I realized that some people thought I was perhaps terminally ill. I kind of thought so too. There was one face missing in the group of friends that visited, I remember being so dissappointed that she never visited me, especially since I was dieing and all.

A nurse named Rosemary sat with me for a while when I was doing this painting. She said some kind things and made me feel better. I never forgot that. It turned out that my illness was not serious but it was not something people my age typically suffered from. It was easily corrected. Life went on.

But when I look at this painting I have vivid memories of some special people.


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      3 years ago from Oklahoma

      Very impressive!


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