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Limited Edition Pen inspired by Jules Verne & his futuristic interpretation of the World - the Omas Gaia

Updated on August 17, 2013

In the world of Pen Collectors, ostentatious and pretentious, may indeed be synonymous with desirable! The designs need to retain elegance, and certainly can't be gaudy. Of course, some would argue that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, when you have a combination of precious metals, fine jewels and intense craftsmanship combined with a beautiful presentation box and papers of authentication that appears to have been created for a worldclass museum, you have an authentic Limited Edition Pen! Please consider many collectors purchase a Limited Edition pen for their collection, and yet the pen probably hasn't been inked and written with. In fact, their sole intent is to show it off to others who appreciate this fine art, and when the collector is ready, and the product has become a sold-out addition, the collector doesn't think twice about selling their Limited Edition Pen for a substantial profit! The Omas Gaia, is definately at the top rung of the ladder with regard to exclusivity. There were only 30 made in the entire world! Many world class Limited Edition Pens have a history lesson attached to the inspiration of how the pen came to be, and the Omas Gaia is no exception indeed!

The ancient name Gaia refers to the Greek Goddess of the Earth, the mother of Crotons and Titans in ancient Greek mythology. A literal translation in English would be Mother Earth. Omas Fine Writing Instruments has created a limited edition fountain pen that pays tribute to Gaia and the ancient civilization of that mythological time.

The skilled artisans of Omas have handcrafted a true masterpiece adorned with luxurious 18kt gold over the precious vegetable resin, and accented with emeralds and crystalline stones. The magnificent detail highlights monsters of the sea, enormous prehistoric spiders, as well as man-eating plants. Omas is known for their exceptional quality and precision in handcrafting techniques.

Omas boasts of over 100 stages in creating the finished product. In fact, the artisans cut, roll, and shape the 18kt gold leaf to handcraft the final shaping of each pen. Similar to the experience of getting immersed into a story line of a fine book, the pen collector can easily imagine themselves taking a journey to this exotic ancient time, back to a civilization at the center of the earth.

Omas only created 30 Limited Edition Gaia Fountain Pens worldwide, which makes the luxurious piece of art a true masterpiece indeed! If you would like to learn more about this exquisite collectable please contact my brother, Eddie the Pen Man.

Omas was founded in 1925 by Sir Armando Simoni, near Bologna, Italy. The name is actually a derivative of Officina Meccanica Armando Simoni which appropriately translates to the workshop of Armando Simoni. Although, this company started out as a small workshop today it is truly a world class fine writing instrument company with worldwide recognition. Armando was fascinated by Greek culture, and his area of study combined with the fact that he was a skilled craftsman and artist is reflected in every Omas product.

The founder, Armando Simoni died in 1958, yet his son-in-law Angelo Malaguti and wife Raffaella took over Omas at that time. In 1987, Rafaella became the President of Omas and her son Gianluca Malaguti Simoni, the grandson of founder Armando Simoni, joined the company in 1983 at the age of 18. Even at that young age, he brought his marketing talents to the table. Gianluca ultimately became Vice President and Creative Director for Omas. He is not looking to be in every pen store, as commercialization is not the founding principal that Omas was built upon. Omas maintains the tradition of hand craftsmanship, which sets this pen apart from most other luxury pens. Today the company continues to perpetuate a philosophy that was conveyed by it's founder Armando Simoni, 'A pen must make writing pleasurable.'


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