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One Hour Knitted Pumpkin Hat

Updated on October 8, 2011
Child's Version Of The Pumpkin Hat
Child's Version Of The Pumpkin Hat

A Quick Version of a Seasonal Favorite

Yet another version of my easy knitted hat, this child sized pumpkin hat can be knitted with bulky yarn in about an hour (worsted weight takes just a little longer to knit up). By using slightly larger or smaller needles and or yarn, you can easily adjust the hat size without having to add or subtract stitches. I will admit that there are much more detailed and entertaining versions of the pumpkin hat available on the Internet and when I have time I'm more likely to knit one of them. This is more along the lines of a last minute project. It can also be converted into a quickly knitted Christmas tree hat by using all green yarn and adding an extra k row and an extra p row after decrease rows 5, 9, and 13. You can then sew small bells or other decorations to the sides of the hat to make it festive. This pattern is really only limited by the imagination of the knitter.

1 ball orange yarn worsted or bulky weight

1 ball green yarn worsted or bulky weight

size 8 knitting needles

Cast on 60 stitches and work in k1p1 rib for two rows

row 3) k8, p2 across

row 4) k2, p8 across

repeat rows 3 and 4 until hat measures about 4 1/2 inches from cast on edge, ending with a k2, p8 row

switch to green yarn

begin decrease rows as follows:

1) k8, k2 together across

2) purl

3) k7, k2 tog. across

4) purl

5) k6, k2 tog. across

6) purl

7) k5, k2 tog. across

8) purl

9) k4, k2 tog. across

10) purl

11) k3, k2 tog. across

12) purl

13) k2, k2 tog. across

14) purl

15) k1, k2 tog. across

16) purl

17) k2 tog across

18) purl

19) k2 tog across... There should now be 3 stitches left on your needle. Do not bind off, but run the yarn through the stitches, remove them from the needle and gather them instead. Sew up back seam with a tapestry needle, tie off ends, and your pumpkin hat is done!

Note: If you feel that you cannot achieve the size adjustment that you're after by changing needle sizes or yarn weight, then you can add or subtract stitches in increments of six--just be sure to adjust your decrease rows up or down accordingly. For instance: If I wanted to cast on six additional stitches, bringing my total to sixty-six, I would then follow the pattern as stated until I got to my first decrease row. That row, instead of k8 k2tog across, would be k9 k2 tog across and so on. If I wanted to reduce my stitch count by six, then my first decrease row would be k7 k2tog across and so on. If you decide to reduce the number of stitches, it will probably be a good idea to adjust the length of the hat from cast on edge to the first decrease row in 1/4 to 1/4 inch increments, depending on your preference.

I also use this pattern on size five or six needles with sport or worsted weight yarn to make hats for American Girl dolls--or other 18 inch dolls of that type.


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