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Origami Base Folds

Updated on August 1, 2015

Why learn base folds?

Have you tried before to fold origami following instructions but could not understand them and complete them? Most of the origami models share the same set of folds at the beginning stages of building the model. It is very important to learn and master those base folds as they will not only help you finish your diagram but also make it look as neat as possible.

Origami Square Base

This origami base is the fundamental of many origami models. It is even the starting point of the origami bird base. To make this model, you will need a square sheet of paper and follow the video below.

Some of the models that start with a square base:

  • Bird Base
  • Ninja star

Origami Bird Base

From the name of the base, this is the basic step in almost all origami bird models and some other animals origami. To start with this base, you will need to learn and master the origami square base.

Models that you could build using the bird base:

Origami water bomb base

A very traditional fold, also called Balloon base as it is usually used to make the water balloon bomb module. It is considered a fundamental and a start up base for so many other origami designs.

Did you fold any of those folds before?

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