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Outsourcing Web Design to India

Updated on December 22, 2014
Outsourcing web design to India can greatly reduce costs
Outsourcing web design to India can greatly reduce costs

Save money by outsourcing web development to India

India is a popular outsourcing destination for variety of reasons. You can get things done a lot cheaper and with reasonable quality. If you invest some time to do some research you can probably find people who're providing excellent quality services as well.

Additionally with lots of frameworks coming into play web designing and development is becoming easier. I'm not trying to devalue the work done by web designers, UI engineers or developers but the simple fact is with frameworks even website owners with very technical experience can build decent websites.

But if you're reputable company a decent website isn't what you want. You want something that reflects your brand, consistent with your values and oozes professionalism. So you need to go beyond a simple framework based site and do something with a little more input. And this is where outsourcing web development to India can save you hundreds of dollars.

Typically designing a website costs from $1000-$5000 in US, UK and in most European countries. If you're adding portals, payment gateways, member sections etc the cost would be even higher. Typically you can get all this done for around $1000 by delegating the work to an Indian company.

Advantageous and Disadvantageous of Outsourcing Web Design to India

Obviously the biggest advantage is the cost savings. Cheap labor, competitiveness for the jobs in the IT field, low amount spent on necessary software gives Indian software development companies a big advantage over similar companies in US and Europe. And its up to you to take advantage this opportunity.

Another advantage of outsourcing to India is the focus on outsourcing in India. Its huge income stream for the country and the government is focused on improving it to bring further income. And the highly competitive nature of the business has contributed to a steady rise in quality of the services.

One of the biggest drawbacks is the communication problem. Fluent English speakers are hard to find, especially in the web development field. So you might spent lot of time explaining something to them but still end up with the wrong product.

Most companies are getting over this by using real-time visual collaboration software like Creately. This leads to less confusion and provides faster resolution to any problems encountered.

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Threats / Alternatives

The popularity of outsourcing meant that other countries with cheap labor forces also wanted to get into the game. Countries like Philippine can provide even cheap labor and countries like Sri Lanka who can't match the cost are competing by providing a better service and quality.

In fact Sri Lanka was recently recognized as the top outsourcing destination in UK. Also Sri Lankan software development companies are agressively pursuing foreign clients by establishing office in US, UK and other European countries.

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    • rumbling profile image

      Nishadha Silva 7 years ago from Sri Lanka


      mams outsourcing web design to Sri Lanka ganath article ekak liyala thiyenne, lankawe web design puluwan kattiya innawa kiyala mama dannawa

    • profile image

      sanjana bandara 7 years ago

      Ai oya indiawata witharak webdesigning outsourcing puluwan kiyanne???lankawe godak webdesigning puluwan aya innawa..Aiya,oyata hoda new unused website ekak gana idea ekak nadda...mata web designing,php,ajax puluwan,,,aluth social networking idea ekak ehema nadda????????