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41 Outstanding Watermelon Craft Ideas

Updated on February 8, 2017
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Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and kid-friendly craft tutorials.

When I think of summer, I think of hot weather and cool watermelon slices. In this article you’ll find watermelon crafts that are perfect for scout, or any summer, camp activities. There are projects that both boys and girls will enjoy making, and there are some that adults will want to make as home décor. All the craft ideas that you’ll find here have a picture of the craft and the site name, that when clicked will take you directly to the craft tutorial.

You'll find the tutorial to make the crocheted coin purse shown above at CULT OF CROCHET .

1. Craft Stick Watermelon

Craft sticks, paints and a bit of wire makes a very pretty and unique watermelon plaque. Kids can make this to give as a gift for their mom on Mother's Day. When you go to CRAFTS BY Amanda you'll find the instructions for making this watermelon project.

2. Watermelon Keyring

When you visit the MY POPPET Makessite, you'll find this watermelon keyring project, plus other fruit themed keyrings.

3. Paper Mache Watermelon Bowl

I enjoy making paper mache projects even though, when you do them with a group of kids, it can be sort of messy. You'll enjoy this watermelon bowl project when you follow the tutorial found at HAND MADE KIDS ART.

4. Watermelon Votive Candles

I think a watermelon themed party, for instance for a summer baby shower or bridal shower, is a nice idea. Make the watermelon votive candles to use as decorations for the party, and then give them away as party favors. The instructions for making these pretty candles is found at Rustic Escentual.

5. Watermelon Sunglasses

Imagine making watermelon sunglasses as an activity for a teen girl party. The girls will enjoy making their own fancy sunglasses, and they have a token gift to take home with them. Find the instructions for making watermelon sunglasses on the eHow site.

6. Watermelon Note Cards

If you are planning a watermelon themed party this summer, consider making your own note cards to use as invitations and/or thank you cards. The directions for making the note cards is found on the damask love site.

7. DIY Watermelon Duct Tape Clutch

8. Watermelon Slice of Soap

I've never tried my hand at making homemade soap yet, but I have received some as gifts. I love the delicious scents that are used with homemade soaps. For the tutorial to make the watermelon slice soap shown here, go to the soap queen site.

9. Watermelon Pinata

Birthday parties wouldn't be complete without breaking a pinata. Be sure you make a watermelon one for your themed party. More photos are shown, with the tutorial, at OH HAPPY DAY.

10. Watermelon Slice Fan

A simple and easy preschool and kindergarten art project, the paper plate watermelon slice fan. Making this fan project is easy when you follow the instructions at make and takes.

11. Watermelon Tote

Although this watermelon tote project is written in a foreign language, there is a great group of pictures that tell the story. You'll find the photo tutorial at madame citron.

12. Watermelon Buttons

Make watermelon buttons using polymer clay and the instructions found on Repeat crafter Me. Use the buttons to decorate a summer tee, make earrings or many more watermelon themed crafts.

13. Slice of Watermelon Shoes

By using the inexpensive canvas shoes available at most outlet or dollar stores, you can make a pair of these slice of watermelon shoes for everyone in the family. By going to the Kittenhood site, you'll find the tutorial and tips for making the shoes.

14. Welcome Mat

This is a really attractive doormat, one that looks so very summery. Go to THE HOUSE THAT LARS BUILT to find the tutorial.

15. Tie Dye Shorts

If you like to tie dye clothes, you're going to love making these watermelon shorts. I LOVE TO CREATE has a nice tutorial telling how to tie dye them.

16. Watermelon Windsock

Watermelon lovers will also love this windsock. It is easy to make and looks great flying in the wind. Visit the simmworks family site to find the instructions on how to make a watermelon windsock.

17. Watermelon Step Stool

Making the step stool to look like a watermelon was a stroke of genius. This is a great addition to any kitchen. When you go to Katherines Corner you'll find all the directions you need to make a step stool like this one.

18. Watermelon Sun Catcher

This craft uses a clear plastic plate to make the watermelon sun catcher. Find all the instructions for this project at About family crafts.

19. Summer Invitation Card

Find out how to make this summer themed card by going to How To Make A Watermelon Card Or Invitation For Summer Parties.

20. Watermelon Print Wrapping Paper

Make your own wrapping paper with a watermelon print by following the instructions that you'll find at inner child fun. This is so easy to do and you'll love the unique wrapping paper.

21. Bead Watermelon Pattern

Pink, green and black pony beads are all that's needed to make this slice of watermelon. Add a key chain so you can display your watermelon on a backpack or purse. Free Kids Crafts is where you'll find the pattern instructions.

22. Soap Making Watermelon

Be sure to add oil scent to your watermelon soap so it smells as good as it looks. The instructions for making this soap is found at soap queen.

23. Stylish Watermelon Headband

How sweet it is! The watermelon headband is so stylish and pretty. A go with anything hair accessory. Find the tutorial for making this headband at Sweet Pea.

24. Watermelon Stamped Doormat

This watermelon stamped door mat is easy to make when you follow the instructions given at eHow . A nice summer look for the porch or patio.

25. Watermelon Bracelet

Teens and adults can easily make this watermelon bracelet. The tutorial for making this beaded bracelet is found at HANDMADE CHARLOTTE .

26. Coasters

A super easy crochet pattern for making watermelon coasters is found at make and takes. A thoughtful gift for a bridal shower, wedding or housewarming.

27. Dip Dye Watermelon Skirt

This is such a cute little girl's skirt. It's a lot easier to make than the photo looks like it'd be. Find the easy to follow instructions to make this dip dyed skirt at Cutesy Crafts.

28. Watermelon Slice Earrings

Watermelon earrings to wear with the tie dyed shorts and over blouse projects shown in this article. CRAFTS-FOR-ALL-SEASONS is where you'll find the tutorial for making the earrings.

29. DIY Watermelon Dyed Shorts

30. Umbrella

You can make a watermelon umbrella, or a lime or lemon umbrella. All the directions for making these fruit themed umbrellas are found at the DIY Studio.

31. Beaded Watermelon Purse

Young girls will really have fun making the beaded watermelon purse. This would be a nice camp activity. You'll find the instructions for making this project at GANZ world.

32. Picnic Basket

Make a unique, one of a kind, picnic basket by painting it with the watermelon look. DIY Studio is the site to go to for the picnic basket tutorial.

33. Watermelon Serving Tray

Make watermelons the theme of your patio party and craft a serving tray like this one. The tutorial for making the watermelon serving tray can be found at Hanimania.

34. Watermelon Canisters

I've never seen a kitchen with a watermelon theme, but I can see that it could be very attractive. Make watermelon canisters by going to HAPPINESS IS Homemade and following the directions found there.

35. Summer Top

Start by cutting a t-shirt to make an over blouse like this one, and then decorate it with watermelon slices. Directions for cutting the tee and painting the slices is found at One O.

36. Watermelon Banner

For a nice summer touch to your home décor, how about making a watermelon banner like this one. The instructions are found at just paint it. A very nice project.

37. Fanny Pack

The fanny pack is a perfect little carrier to wear with your summer outfits. It keeps your keys and credit cards handy without having to carry a larger tote. To make this fanny pack, go to the BRIT+CO site for the instructions.

38. Watermelon Tablecloth

Would you believe that an apple is used for the stamper for the watermelon shapes? This super cool craft has a tutorial at I LOVE TO CREATE.

39. Crocheted Pot Holders

You can never have too many pot holders! The crochet pattern for making these watermelon pot holders is found at THE PURL BEE.

40. Preschool Watermelon Art

You'll have some very interested artists when you show the little ones how to make this watermelon art. These are the kinds of kid's art that I love to see displayed. For instructions for this watermelon art, go to Kolcraft .

41. Crocheted Drink Carrier

If you know how to crochet, or if you know someone who does, be sure you print off the directions for this drink carrier. This is a great gift or craft show idea. The pattern directions for this crocheted drink carrier is found at wonkywonderful .

© 2015 Loraine Brummer

Which was your favorite watermelon craft? Or leave a comment.

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    • Carol Morris profile image

      Carol Morris 19 months ago

      It's difficult to choose a favorite, I love the table cloth....that is probably it. thanks for these great ideas.