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Painting With Seashells

Updated on October 22, 2011

Picnics on sea sides are incomplete without collecting sea shells from there. After collecting lot so many seashells, the next thing you want to do is make something creative with that. One of many ways of making seashells attractive is painting on seashells. Let’s see how we could make it possible.

Cleaning And Bleaching Of Seashells

Before painting on seashells it is important to clean and bleach them properly. Before using seashells for anything, it is must to clean them properly.

You must remove the tissues and remains of animal that was present is the shell. To clean the seashell you can bury it in ground but for this you have to wait for two weeks to a month to let all animals in shell die.

You can also freeze them using zip lock bag for few days. Boiling and heating are also considerable options to clean the seashells. After cleaning seashells of animal tissues you have bleach the shells in 50-50 solution of bleaching agent and water. If you do not wish to go for bleaching, then just soaked clean shells in water and let them dry in sun.

After cleaning and bleaching, seashells are ready to paint and decorate.

Use Of Acrylic Colors

Use of acrylic colors is best for painting seashells. You can buy them easily from any craft shop. You can mix two or more colors to give a new shade, and can use black and white for giving a color different intensity. You can also dilute it using water for giving soft effect.

Use Of Acrylic Glossies Paint

If you want to give your seashells a hard ceramic like finish use acrylic glossies paints. These paints give ceramic like finish to seashells.

You have to bake it oven. All you have to do for this is paint seashell in the way you wish to paint it and then bake it in oven for some time (time of baking is mention on the bottle of the paint as different brands varied with temperature).

This is different way of painting as compare to common method. You must try it to have some fun with seashells painting.

Use Of Spray Paints

You can use spray paints to create funky and shiny seashells. Spray paints are also easily available in many shiny, matte or dull colors. These are quick and handy; you do not have to wait very long to let it dry. You so not need brushes to paint and there is no need to mix colors as well. All you have to do is shake the can and spray the paint.

But you have to take some precautions while using it. You must use spray paints in open air, keep it away from contact with your eyes. Keep it away from the reach of heat, fire and children. Do not expose spray paints on fire or near fire, they are highly inflammable. 

Use Of Oil Paints

Oil paints are oldest ways. Everyone knows that oil paints can be easily applied on many surfaces. Oil paints are easy to apply and available on every craft shop, school book shop and school stationery store.

The packet includes color and mixing oil. These colors do not work with water; you have to use mixing oil to make colors. You need brushes and other applicators to apply the color on the seashell. You must keep the missing oil away from fire and heat exposure as the oil is, like kerosene, highly inflammable and can caught fire very easily.

Use Seashell As Canvas

You can use your seashell as canvas and make painting inside that canvas and use it as decorations in your place.

Little Things To Take Care Of

  • Always paint seashell first with white acrylic paint. It would give your paints a clear and visible color.
  • Use paint palette of mixing colors, using any plate from kitchen is not a good option. Paints and colors have many toxic agents in it so, it is better to keep it away from plates we use to eat meals in.
  • Use spare newspaper on floor before start painting seashells. Do not mess around your home on floor and furniture.
  • Use paper towels and tissue paper to clean your hands and brushes

Simple Seashell Painting For Kids


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This info was gr8! Thanks guys! Any tips on making jewelry with shells and beads and things of the sort. Would appreciate it.


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