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Painting by Numbers for Children

Updated on June 18, 2011

Painting by Numbers for Children

Painting by numbers is a great way to get kids interested in art and painting from a young age.

Very young kids love to paint and draw but as they grow up they can become frustrated at not being able to get the results they want. Using paint by number kits allows them to have all the fun of painting and get a great picture at the end of it.

Painting by numbers is a simple concept. A picture is broken down into small areas, each of which is marked with a number. The areas can be of a variety of sizes, for example a picture of an apple tree against the sky will have large areas of sky (as one number) and lots of small areas of leaves (another number).

Each number corresponds to a particular colour in the paint sets that come with the sets. The idea is to paint each area with the colour denoted on it and when all the areas are painted the picture is finished.

Fairy & Unicorn Painting by Numbers Kit Glitter Series by Ravensburger
Fairy & Unicorn Painting by Numbers Kit Glitter Series by Ravensburger

Paint By Numbers Kits

The paint by number for kids kits vary in complexity so there are different ones suitable for different ages and abilities.

For boys there are robots and jungle animals to start with, then more complicated pictures to move on to such as motorcycles.

For girls there are fairies and princesses a plenty, plus enough kittens, puppies and horses to keep even the most avid animal lover happy for months on end.

Painting by Numbers Kits for 4 - 8 Year Olds

Starting your first painting by numbers project is an exciting thing to do, but it's important that the picture you choose is suitable - which means you want something with a good image to paint but not too many fiddly bits.

With these pictures you have robots, animals, dinosaurs and simple princesses.

Princess Paint by Numbers

 Eternally popular as a picture subject, Princesses and Fairies are a firm favourite for girls to paint.


Horse Painting By Number Kits

 Horses are a great favourite for painting by numbers kits and range from the fairly simple to the quite complex, which means you'll be able to find the ideal project.

Other Animals Painting by Numbers Kits

 Kittens, puppies, lions, tigers, birds and fish ~ there are so many different pictures to choose from you could end up with a whole zoo to paint.


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