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How to paint with Watercolors - Vibrant Flowers in Watercolour Book Review

Updated on November 12, 2011

Do you want to paint watercolor flowers easily? Do you want to specialise in how to paint with watercolors, Do you want to be shown by a professional watercolour artist how to do it? If so, read on and take a look at Ready to Paint Vibrant Flowers in Watercolor by Fiona Peart, who will show you how.

Before we look at the book, here's a little about the author Fiona Peart

Fiona Peart is a professional artist and fully qualified art tutor, specialising in how to paint with watercolors and drawing techniques. She runs popular workshops, gives talks and presentations to various art groups, and also demonstrates at art shows and exhibitions throughout the UK. She writes regularly for The Artist & Leisure Pianter and StartArt magazines, as well as contributing articles and features to national magazines, and has produced several DVDs on watercolor and coloured pencils.

In the book, Ready to Paint Vibrant Flowers in Watercolor, how to paint with watercolors is made to look easy. This is a 48 page book that focuses on painting vibrant flowers in watercolor. As we move into spring (at time of writing this) the bright colors of the book seem appropriate. The book itself is 217mm x 290mm and a paperback. It's thin at only 48 pages so the corners of the paperback cover will soon turn up, which is a pet hate of mine, but does not detract from the content of the book.

The book only has 48 pages but it’s packed with step-by-steps on how to paint the following flowers in watercolour, Poppies, Buddleia, Sunflowers Bouquet, Tulips and Irises.

The book makes painting with watercolors look easy as you are supplied with a large tracing for each of the 6 flowers mentioned above. The book explains how to use these tracings to help you create your flower paintings and paint with watercolors easily and effectively. The tracings take away the need for you to worry about composition and concentrate on using watercolor to create some great watercolor paintings of flowers. The book covers how to use the tracings in the’ Transferring the image’ section on page 9 of the book. Like many books of theis type there is a section on the materials needed before you move onto the first of the six flower painting projects, the first of these being how to paint poppies.

Each project consists of a wealth of step-by-steps to ensure you have enough information to be able to create the watercolor flower paintings as easily as possible. Some of the projects have up to 65 steps, so you should find enough information to give it a go yourself, especially with the supply of the tracings for each flower project.

Each project section is finished with a double page spread showing how the finished painting should look like and it’s great to skip to these page to give you a good idea as to what you are aiming for.

The step-by-steps in each project are clear enough, well laid out and with the step-by-steps ranging from 26 steps to 65 steps, there is certainly enough to show the painting process.

Each project comes with a tracing to aid in creating the watercolor
Each project comes with a tracing to aid in creating the watercolor
Detailed step-by-steps show you how to paint the project.
Detailed step-by-steps show you how to paint the project.

Good points about Vibrant Flowers in Watercolour by Fiona Peart

  • 5 focused projects
  • Tracing for each project to make the printing process as easy as possible
  • Only £8.99

Bad points about Vibrant Flowers in Watercolour by Fiona Peart

  • Only 48 pages and leaves you wanting more
  • Paperback so can become worn easily


Vibrant Flowers in Watercolour by Fiona Peart is a book aimed at the beginner watercolour artist who is looking for professional guidance on how to paint with watercolors. A book that makes painting with watercolors easy and will build the confidence of any budding watercolourist.

At such a cheap price it will not break the bank and offers some great demonstrations from a professional watercolor artists Fiona Peart.

If you like painting in watercolor or would like to learn, this book offers an interesting approach and guidance for the budding watercolour artist interested in painting vibrant flowers.


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    • Jonathan Grimes profile image

      Jonathan Grimes 6 years ago from Devon

      Thanks Richard plenty more to follow

    • profile image

      Richard 6 years ago

      Lovely review once again Jon.