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Basic Abstract Illustrations

Updated on May 2, 2018

It just happens

I can't tell you how to create an abstract painting, but I can give you a few ideas to get you started, if that's something you're interested in! The ability to create is always within the person willing to make it happen. Abstract is another term for painting freely, thinking outside the box when it comes to pictures.

An idea of abstract art

This is the simplest form of art, anything can become something! The picture could be nothing but lines, dots, shapes, and random splashes of color. Anything you set your mind to will become beautiful in this world of art.

My very first doodles were abstract, they were filled with all kinds of shapes and colors. Some were nothing but random lines separated with all of the colors in my colored pencil collection. Sometimes I wonder how I came up with half the stuff in my gallery! It's amazing how many amazing things I can come up with and not make the same picture twice.


Artist: Leigha H
Artist: Leigha H

Both of these reflective paintings were done digitally and they are my most recent. The face in the water was thought out after I started the background. With the trees and the sky in the water was pure accident! I meant to do a blue sky then the yellow sunlight mixed when I was blending.. when I worked my way down, I created a whole new sky view.

Artist: Leigha H.
Artist: Leigha H.

Possibilities are endless

There is no rules when it comes to abstract, mistakes are least likely to happen unless you're working on something specific. I've combined all of my techniques to create some interesting pieces.

There was a canvas I experimented on after I mastered landscaping. I did the background with random colors splatted all over, used my clouding skills, and added a rainbow with a few animated snow flakes and a three sun-rays peeping through the clouds . My opinion of the painting was not so good, but I eventually warmed up to it and realized it wasn't awful. I could have made less cloud and not add so many snowflakes. When I say experimented, that's what I meant!

The experiment

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Artist: Leigha H.
Artist: Leigha H.
Artist: Leigha H.

"It's not so bad"

I thought to myself!

Many options

All of my abstract work started out as a blank canvas/screen/piece of paper, I had no idea what I was going to create. I just came up with stuff as I went!

Electronics have come a long way and now some artists use tablets and fold-able laptops to make things less messy as well as easy to correct. There are apps that allow you to create your own spiral designs. Art has never been so addicting until now!

Art and the audience

Using your art skills in a unique way, like using any color or any design to create whatever spikes the imagination
Using your hands to build a statue out of clay or designing pottery
showing off your creative side by acting, singing, dancing, etc.
Attract almost all types of crowds to decode what they're looking at
Sculptures can draw in the same individuals who have an eye for abstract
You have the ability to make an audience laugh, cry, or cause them excitement
They all inspire someone!

Silly Stream

Artist: Leigha H.
Artist: Leigha H.

This one was also digital, I used my landscape technique along with what I knew about abstract and created this one. The water was done by accident, I didn't mean to begin blending there and the zig-zag effect happened. Once I put that detail in place, I left it alone and called it complete.

Day or Night

Artist: Leigha H.
Artist: Leigha H.

The route I chose in this doodle of mine describes the landscapes in different views from day to night with a crazy abstract preference. If you look closely, you can find all sorts of shapes and other objects. Effortless is how I would explain the well thought out drawing. I used colored pencils to bring this one to life.

Abstract Sunset

Artist: Leighanna Havard
Artist: Leighanna Havard

This painting is digital, it was created from just adding color in and blending it into the picture. I worked my way from the top and continued my way down the screen. The technique I used came from what I already know about painting landscapes. I wanted it to look like a sunset, the colors I chose were basic colors of a late evening sky.

Glisten Forrest

Artist: Leigha H.
Artist: Leigha H.

In this digital painting, I wanted it to seem peaceful. I wanted to combine a northern lights theme over a forrest.

I began blending the night sky with vibrant colors and dropped in the trees. I used colors on the land the represented no sun was visible. Deep-dark colors are the way to go.

Spiral #28

Artist: Leigha H.
Artist: Leigha H.

Why 28?

This is the 28th spiral I made with Spirality, an app I uploaded onto my windows laptop. This one I chose green mostly but used my colors wisely. It took no stress at all to create and hardly any imagination. I was given the option of line thickness as well as the transparency. This was the most fun and addictive way to express another part form of art.

Finding Accomplishment

I can do just about anything I want to and not get heat for it. I have more abstract pieces in my gallery than anything. I find that it speaks louder than most of my plain paintings of mountains, trees, and clouds! Every finished piece is a part of me that will be left behind when my time is up, people will still see my art for many years, unless its destroyed! The fun part is when I complete one and surprise myself every time with the outcome.

Setting Waters

Artist: Leigha Havard
Artist: Leigha Havard

Calming Vibe

The colors do speak louder than the picture itself. It sets the right peak at which an artist would go for. This painting was created to sooth the audience and send their every day troubles sailing. I always love a sunset that is similar to these colors, it's kind of rare. A painting is forever so the image will remain.


Do you find joy in being the artist or the audience?

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    • Leigha Havard profile imageAUTHOR

      Leigha Havard 

      9 months ago from TN

      I started out trying to sell my work but my audience was just on social media. It got a bunch of likes but I only successfully sold one and that was the painting I used for my book cover! I lost hope in selling my art and decided to use my writing to try to get me somewhere! I have a few canvases still for sale including my experiment rainbow piece.

    • Alexandere458 profile image


      9 months ago

      Very Nice Post

    • Leland Johnson profile image

      Leland Johnson 

      9 months ago from Midland MI

      Leigha- You are so talented! Do you sell your work? Nice use of the graph too.


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