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3 Ways To Make A Paper Mache Volcano

Updated on March 9, 2015

The Easy Way

The quickest and easiest way to create your volcano project is to purchase a ready made kit containing all of the ingredients you need. This is especially helpful if you are time limited or have a school project to complete by a certain time and your child has forgotten to tell you.

One drawback with this kit may be the degree of individualization that your project could have but for those who are not so highly skilled in crafting it may be the perfect solution!

Paper Mache Volcano Kit

Erupting Volcano Kit

Paper Mache Volcano Kit
Paper Mache Volcano Kit | Source

The Somewhat Easy Way

If you would prefer your project to be a little more unique but still want an easy solution then using some instant paper mache may be a good alternative.

This solution allows for materials around the house to be used in addition to some Instant paper mache and some wire mesh to complete the structure.

Instant Paper Mache

Celluclay is easy to use as you just add water, sculpt and leave to air dry.
Celluclay is easy to use as you just add water, sculpt and leave to air dry. | Source

Wire Mesh to Create The Volcano Structure

Wire Mesh for your volcano structure
Wire Mesh for your volcano structure | Source

Paper Mache Volcano Instruction Images

Materials Required

Here is a fairly simple way to make a volcano, and it uses materials you already have around your house or classroom.

Materials you will need:

1 X 1 lb. CelluClay Instant Paper Mache

1 X Package Wire Mesh

Paint: Any color is fine. This project uses Black, White, Blue & Green Paint.

Large Zip Lock Bag ----For mixing the CelluClay

Cardboard ----- For the Volcano Base -----This project used a 12" X 12" base. Any size is fine.

1 X small bottle ---- For the Volcano Cavity

For the cardboard base I used something from around the house.

For the bottle , I used a juice bottle.

If you like to be green and re-use materials this is a great project!

Tools you will need:



Hot Glue Gun

Paint Brush

How To Make Instructions


The first thing we need to do is mix the CelluClay.

Then we will hot glue gun the Bottle to the cardboard base.

Form the Volcano with the wire mesh and staple it to the cardboard.

Then apply the celluClay to the wire mesh.

Cut holes in the bottom of the cardboard to help with drying.

When dry, you can cut a hole in the cavity for the eruption.

Now you are also ready to paint.

Step by Step Instructions using a 12" X 12' base:

Use a large Sealable plastic bag to mix the CelluClay.

Break up the CelluClay in the enclosed bag until it is nice and fluffy.

Then add the water a bit at a time at first , then add the rest, so as

to get a nice even consistency of clay.

After you have mixed up the clay, wrap it with a damp towel

and or put it in a plastic bag to keep nice and moist until you are

ready to apply it.

Start with your piece of cardboard and Wire Mesh. Decide how big of

a base you want and then cut a piece of mesh out that is a bit bigger

than the piece of cardboard you are using as a base. Just lay the

base on top of the Wire Mesh and cut it a bit larger than the cardboard.

Now you can glue the bottle to the center of the cardboard.

Use a hot glue gun and add the glue to the bottom

of the bottle and then apply it to the cardboard.

After a minute or so the bottle will be dried on and in place.

Take you Wire mesh and start by tucking the edges under itself and

stapling it to the cardboard. Be creative here if you wish.

Once the Wire Mesh is stapled down on all sides, It is time to add the

CelluClay Instant Paper Mache over the top. Just smear it on the Wire Mesh,

and then spread it out with your fingers.

When you are done with applying the Clay, you need to cut some holes in the

bottom of the cardboard so the Volcano can dry quicker, and evenly.

Let the volcano site overnight to dry.

Now that your volcano is dry, lets cut a hole in the top. Use an exacto knife

to cut a small opening so you can make the eruption when your down.

Paint your volcano any color you would like.

When your volcano is ready, it's time for the eruption.

The More Difficult Way

Starting to construct and make your Volcano completely from start may be a little more challenging but fun too.

Volcano Pattern




1 square of cardboard: approx. 60cm by 60cm.

1 plastic bottle: approx 20cm tall.

Strips of newspaper: approx 2cm wide

1 big bowl.

Flour and water.Masking tape.Brown, green, and red paint.



Place the bottle in the centre of the cardboard.

Run strips of masking tape from the top of the bottle to various points near the edge of the cardboard. Try to make them equidistant from the bottle

Dip strips of the newspaper into the mixture. Run it between 2 fingers to take off any excess mixture. Drape the strips between the masking tape strips.

Once the whole thing has been covered, let it dry over night.Paint the completed volcano.

How to make a Volcano

Is using a kit cheating?

Do you think that using a ready made kit for a school project is cheating?

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