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Paracord water bottle holder instructions

Updated on March 22, 2014

A bottle holder

What do I need to make a paracord bottle holder?

- paracord 550 (550 is the weight it can hold, but we are not using it for the weight capacity, unless you usually carry 550 pounds of water with you)
- a lighter
- knife or scissors

- I highly recommend getting a lacing needle. It will make your work a lot easier.

As you can see you do not need much to make one. A lighter, a string of paracord and some good spirit and you are off creating in no time!

The paracord we will be using (as mentioned before) is paracord 550. It can be found in many army shops and many others, such as camping, climbing stores.

For more paracord projects see my website at I feature some interesting projects you might be interested in.

Why make a paracord bottle holder?

The paracord bottle holder, also named a bottle pouch, a bottle sleeve has more than one benefit which is worth noting:
- helps protect bottles from damage
- makes bottles look great!
- helps you secure your bottle to your belt or other equipment
- can be broken down into cord and used in many ways, just like the popular survival bracelets used by the military, campers and other survivalists.

Why create with paracord?

Paracord is durable, water resistant, all round useful and easy to work with. It is the crafting supply of choice for sporty, durable items made to practical as well as decorative.

Now let us begin our journey into the world of the paracord water bottle holder!

The process

The bottle holder is made using cow hitches. Making these is displayed in the tutorial below. I find the images help a lot more than trying to explain knots.

To make the paracord bottle holder we first need to attach a cord around the neck. We will make the hitches onto that neck. I usually use a cord lock to secure the neck cord. It is also practical for putting on and off the pouch in the future.

After we have completed one row of hitches, simply transition onto the next row by making hitches onto the loops made in the previous row.

Repeat this process until you reach the bottom of the bottle. At that point switch over to using half hitches to cover the bottom.

This project will take some time, patience and paracord to complete.

Another image of the paracord water bottle holder

Step by step instructions

A video showing off the paracord pouch


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