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Patterns For Making Soft Toys

Updated on September 8, 2013

Sewing Patterns For Stuffed Toys and Animals

Finding patterns and sewing your own stuffed toys and animals can be lots of fun. There's something very special about creating a toy for a child and seeing the expression on their little face when they receive it.

I was blessed to have a Grandmother who delighted in making things for my birthday. I adored her creations which included items such as bears, little people for the dolls house, and gonks. These were chubby, colourful creatures of many shapes and sizes. I still have some of these toys today. Two of the most loved bears sit in my bedroom and they still make me smile 40 years on!

The wonderful thing about making stuffed toys and animals for a child is that they don't have to be perfect. In fact I think they take on far more charm if they're not. A child is not going to be concerned about the quality of the hand sewing, or if the eyes are lop sided or if one leg is shorter than the other. Your creation is guaranteed unconditional love and hours of enjoyment.

Stuffed toys and animals can be made from lots of different materials. My favorites to work with are wool and fabric. These make for soft cuddly companions. I prefer these over furs and other plush materials. Choosing a cotton fabric will make cleaning easier, and will also be less of a hassle to mend. There are many beautiful fabrics on the market today, the hardest decisions is choosing one. These can be purchased quickly and easily online, or you can visit your local craft supply shop for inspiration and advice.

Another of my favourites is to make soft toys and animals from recycled materials. Socks are fabulous for this. Sock monkeys are sure to be a hit with all kids both big and small. I have enjoyed many a night with some sewing buddies making sock monkeys. They are so much fun and always take on a personality of their very own. Visit my blog (link supplied below) if you would like to read about the night we ate chocolate biscuits and made sock monkeys at the same time - a great combination.

So you've decided to make a soft toy, where do you start?

There are many fabulous patterns for making soft toys, it's just a matter of finding the right one for you. There are some great books books written about projects on how to make toys. I have included a few of my favourites for you listed below. You can get the details of where to purchase these from visiting my blog. Simply click on one of the thread feeds at the bottom of this page. Buying a collection of patterns in book form can be a terrific way to start your soft toy making. This is also a cost effective way to purchase patterns.

Buying patterns online is also a quick and easy way to get started. Many reputable websites have secure payment options and many offer epatterns . This means you can download your soft toy pattern immediately and get started today. There's no need to wait by your mail box anymore.

Click here to check out some doll patterns, softies and teddy bears

Once you get the hang of looking you'll realize that finding sewing patterns for stuffed toys and animals is easy, finding the perfect one for your child or grandchild can be more of a challenge.

Happy Toy Making!

Books With Projects For Making Soft Toys


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      rn320 7 years ago

      hi. i am a small business owner looking to purchase patterns to a design that I collaborated on creating with a production company. the designs are unique, but have not yet been sold to determine their "selling value". based on this, i was wondering if you might have a suggestion of a reasonable price to offer the production company? or could you point to someone who would be able to help me answer this question?