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Pen Art Techniques

Updated on October 20, 2011

Ball Point Pen Art Techniques

Biro or ball point pen art can be something quite illustrative when you try and lay down the ink on to the papers surface, but to create an effective ball point pen drawing you have to know and understand a few simple and quite advanced techniques to create some fantastic results with Biro pens. Pens of this kind can be used with black, red, blue and green altogether in one drawing, you'd just have to work out a color scheme to suit your drawing style.

Sketching with ball point pens

All color types of biro are ideal for sketching, but a black biro pen is my preferred sketch pen And the results if careful about your approach with using biro pens for art can be amazing as you can see on this hub with some ball point pen art examples

With any biro pen you can reduce the pressure with them to produce a sort of mid tone which looks grey and obviously the harder you press on the pen the darker the ink will be and with this in mind we can mix and match this way of sketching to produce some brilliant areas of gradual tone, much like a normal sketch pencil would do.

So lets run through an example of tone with a biro....

Ball Point Pen Shading Techniques Video

Biro Pen Art Demonstration

In the following art video I put together a quick demonstration of some of the above ball point pen techniques which when you try them out are much like drawing with a normal pencil, but this is what most people don't realise that you can draw this way with a standard biro or ball point pen that you can add layers of tone with the ink from a biro quite well if you don't have a cheap pen that clogs with the ink, so my best recommendation is to use a Bic ball point pen like I did in the video.

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Ball Point Pen Shading And Drawing Demonstration

Biro Pen Art

Ball point pen demon art by Wayne Tully. Copyright Wayne Tully 2011.
Ball point pen demon art by Wayne Tully. Copyright Wayne Tully 2011.

Biro Pen Art Techniques

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