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Pens Had Evolved: Not Your Regular Pen Anymore

Updated on September 29, 2012

As you read the word pen, I know what came into your mind at that very moment: writing. Yes, pen was made for writing and it is its main purpose. But as I took some few minutes to reminisced how I used the pen back in those school days of lectures and quizzes, it made me realized it had changed for the past 7 long years.

Back when I was in grade school there are already this Hello Kitty ball pen, or any pen with the head of any other animal like a panda. And yes, also cartoon or anime characters. And a pen that lights up while being used that kids love. This is good for kids who loves some light when they are scared of the dark like me (and fun to use.) I had a pen that lights up when I was a kid that I keep on my bedside and every time I woke up at night of brownouts (this is so usual in the Philippines) I would used my light up pen for comfort and use it to shed some light in my totally dark room.

And have you had a pen with a fragrant ink?

Scented pen

Pen can come with fragrant inks such as the few pens I had during high school days. It just makes my writing smells good. Even my seatmates can smell it. Somehow those pens had brighten up my day while writing lectures or doing some thinking on hard exams.

These pens come in different colors too. I had seen classmates used those bigger pens that comes in black, blue, pink and green ink where you press which ink color you want to write with. And I do think they are nice too, I had even used one but I still prefer the single pens as they seem to be lighter. And so I find it hard to resist buying any of these light, fragrant ink pens in colors of either purple or green whenever I and my best friend would pass by a mini store with a lovely collection to choose from of such pens.

Do you have or had used any of these pens?

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Spy pen

And more on pen evolution, of course you know about the spy pens right?

And the first time I had read online and saw some spy pens on Ebay, I thought, "Wow! So cool! Having a spy pen around could come in handy."

And the uses of spy pens that came across my mind were:

* I can carry it around with me (If I have one of course) wherever I go and If an emergency, say a bank robbery for example, the spy pen could be useful to record the crime.

* To record important transactions such as filling up documents. Or to let the spy pen record it when someone owed you money, say a friend maybe or relative that you know you couldn't be sure if they gonna pay you or not but you don't have the guts to suggest them to have it written down and have them sign. ( I remember watching Judge Judy on television who said, "Put everything on paper! Don't trust verbal agreement because even families don't comply. Now you don't have any proof."

Those two, I thought are important ways of using a spy pen. But there's some fun uses of it too of course, like recording a party, or any event. And even class lectures.

Voice recorder pen

And if you think this pen hub is just about done, here's another cool use of a pen! As a voice recorder, which what I have and I enjoyed having this pen.

I have a pen, a voice recorder and MP3. I had a black pen like this and I'm thankful of having it, keeps me company on my boredom in those night shifts with a client where I have to be by myself on the hallway without anybody walking by as residents are sleeping. I had played some songs for as long as 5 to 6 hours and it was still good until the following night as I can still used it. Sometimes I would listen to my records of me and dad talking the first few days after receiving it as I was trying to figure out how it works.

I got myself the 2GB built-in flash memory card and gave the 4GB as a Christmas gift to a friend's teen son. He's now having fun with it and found it useful on recording class lectures and other important memos he has to remember.

About the pen? It writes well too, clear and smooth but I don't use it that often. I want to enjoy the voice recorder more and uses a different pen for writing.

What about you? How do you like your pen?


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    • profile image

      Evelyn J. Washington 5 years ago from OAKLAND, CA

      I also like memo pads. I really do use them. They are very helpful as reminders that help me cut to the chase so to speak.

    • precy anza profile image

      precy anza 5 years ago from USA

      Wow! That's cool! :) When I go to stores, seeing cute pens and pencils always managed to stop me on that aisle. I also has some collection of cute memo pads ^.^'

    • profile image

      Evelyn J. Washington 5 years ago from OAKLAND, CA

      I like pens,pencils and erasers. I have an interesting very small collection of writing implements.