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Secrets to Purchasing a Pentax DSLR Camera Without Breaking the Bank

Updated on April 10, 2018

Buying a DSLR Camera on a Budget

As an avid photographer I am always wanting the new bells and whistles. Unfortunately most camera companies seem to release a new product every one to two years. This makes keeping up the newest photography trends nearly impossible. The price tags can go from $500 to $2000 and up for these new DSLR cameras. These price tags can make even the most dedicated photography aficionado quiver in their boots.

I have tried the other brands of cameras from the Nikon to the Cannon. My heart allows stays with the Pentax. The price tags are by far smaller than the other mentioned brands. I also love their backwards compatible lens system. You can basically use any Pentax lens ever created on the new DSLR cameras. This is a blessing when you upgrade to a new camera as you are not losing the use of the expensive lenses you have already sunk money into. This alone is enough to sell me on the Pentax brand. Imagine being able to use the old film 35 mm lenses on your new camera. It allows such a different feel on the camera. Pentax will always have place in my heart.

Some Stats on the Pentax K-3

    1. 24.4 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor
    2. Sensor-shift image stabilization with rotational compensation
    3. Anti-aliasing 'simulator' (camera has no optical low-pass filter)
    4. SAFOX 11 TTL autofocus system (27-point, 25 of which are cross-type)
    5. 3.2-inch LCD with 3:2 aspect ratio and 1.037k dots
    6. Pentaprism optical viewfinder with 0.95x magnification, 100% coverage
    7. 8.3 fps continuous shooting
    8. 1920 x 1080 video recording (60i, 30p, 24p)
    9. Dual SD card slots
    10. Headphone, microphone ports
    11. USB 3.0 support

Clear crisp photos

Small Price Equals Super Happiness

I recently decided to upgrade from my trusty Pentax K-X to something with a little more kick. After ooing and awing at the new Pentax offerings I had to come to terms with the fact that a $2000 purchase was out of budget. I went on Amazon and found a lightly used K-3 for the reasonable price tag of $399.99. With it being a prime item covered by the A-Z warranty this made me feel comfortable with a used purchase. The camera came like new in the box with all the manuals, plugs and accessories. The camera looked and felt brand new. I saved an incredible $450 by purchasing a lightly used model. This allowed me to use the left over funds to purchase a new camera bag and accessories to go with my camera.

After taking it out for a spin it performed exactly as expected. The increase in quality from my previous model to this was incredible. Clear photos and ease of use were clearly apparent after the first snap of the shutter. My previous Pentax lenses fit and work without hesitation. The nervousness of purchasing a used big ticket item melted away with each click of the shutter. For a small price tag I have a new tool to add to my photography arsenal. I would definitely recommend buying a used camera from Amazon Prime. You can also get good deals from Amazon Warehouse. They take the fear out of the purchase with their guarantee

Came in the box with all paperwork and cables


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