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Personalized Glassware

Updated on September 24, 2010

For years engraving names and various design icons on every type of glassware imaginable has been a way for my family to give relatively inexpensive gifts that are at the same time very special indeed. My husband, who came to this country from his native Argentina in 1968 as a 20-yer-old, learned to engrave glass the day he arrived; he went to work that afternoon working alongside his brother, who had been here for a couple of years setting up the business, and he has been engraving glass ever since.

While those years of engraving, blowing and torching glass as a way of making a living are long past, my husband and I, along with our own immediate family, have carried on the tradition of gifting “personalized glass”.

After all these years of gifting personalized glass items, it never ceases to amaze me how much people truly enjoy receiving a gift with their name or initials on it. I can't count how many people I have met who have a name with an odd spelling that just never can be found in any gift shop. They go along for years wishing they could find 'something' with their name on it. Those gifts are the most fun of all to give. A coffee mug with a favorite Bible scripture etched on it quickly becomes the favorite. An elegant beer mug with a favorite logo lends style to that weekly poker game.

We have given as gifts anything and everything glass that the imagination can dream up to engrave, etch or sand blast. We, ourselves, have gifted fine crystal objects of all sorts, drinking glasses, coffee mugs, beer mugs, candy jars, champagne flutes, spice (baking) cups, kitchen canister sets, canning jars, lemonade pitcher/glass sets, baby cereal dishes, jewelry boxes, candle holders, glass lanterns. Some gift ideas are: Thank You's, awards, wedding, wedding shower, baby, baby shower, birthday, closing gifts (home purchase), housewarming, Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, 4th of July; Welcome Wagon.

We are often commissioned to prepare glass award plaques, company logos, coffee mugs, coffee mugs, beer mugs, champagne (toasting) flutes for weddings; bridesmaid gifts; groomsmen gifts; wedding party Thank-You gifts, personalized Pyrex bakeware, drinking glass sets (some with pitchers, some without); candle holders large and small and of every style and shape; glass-sided candle lanterns; framed 8x10 portrait glass, etc.

Some of the prettiest pieces that we have done combine all three arts: hand engraving, etching and sand blasting.

Baby Dishes

example of baby dishes (hand-engraved)
example of baby dishes (hand-engraved)

Canning Jars

done with acid etching
done with acid etching
done with acid etching
done with acid etching


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