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Phenomenon of The Motorcycle Group Ride in Today’s Society!

Updated on August 8, 2015

Motorcycle Group Ride Pic's I Want To Share.

Phenomenon of The Motorcycle Group Ride in Today’s Society!

Motorcycle group riding is on the rise the in all parts of the world. You can search the internet and find just about any topic dealing with motorcycle groups from memberships to destinations and events just to mention a few.

I remember starting to ride in 1970 when I got my first motorcycle and I was very content to just go ride. I was 14 years old and had a job and my payments were $23.33 per month and at that time I was among an elite few that owned a bike. Sorry but those type payments are long gone so do not try and find them in today's economy. :-)

In the early 80's I began to have more friends that bought bikes but we rarely got to ride in a group and when we did it was 2 or 3 at a time. Now that was fun and exciting to share the road with these guys and visit destinations together. As you might suspect there were not many problems with the small numbers in the group.

As the years moved forward this sort of group ride was pretty much the same but still not very common. I kept a motorcycle for many years after that but I did get into the bigger bikes up to and including 1100CC’s. By this time we could at times bring some rides up that might have as many as 4 or 5 bikes in them. There still were no real issues with keeping everyone on the same page.

Now this was really starting to take on a new characteristic and open new opportunities to enlarge these rides to even 8 or 9. Now as these changes occurred I had sold my bike and was raising a family and my bike riding would have to wait. I went about my own way without having a bike for some years.

Now as my family at home started to decrease I started thinking about it again. I started to notice that there were so many groups that I would see every day and this scenario kept on growing with every passing year. So as you might have guessed I wanted a new bike to have an opportunity to get involved with this new type of riding in the larger groups.

Well, the day finally came that I was just looking at the Honda shop for what the bikes were going for these days and as you probably know I was approached by a salesman. Now one thing lead to another and low and behold I bought me a new bike.

As before not knowing anybody that had a bike I was riding alone again. This is when I decided to start looking for groups in my area that I might join to get involved and included in some group rides from the internet. I soon found out that my interest was not like some of the groups I joined. First of all you need to decide what you want from a group you ride with and stay on that plan. Second I do not drink and am not happy riding with folks who have been drinking so I moved on from here.

The only way I could tailor the group I wanted to associate with was to start my own group and set the standard of folks I would ride with. Well to my surprise I began to get new members to my group very quickly and the numbers grew very fast. We went on many rides that went for a 100 or so miles and we could see a lot of sites that we all enjoyed.

The Undeniable Discovery!

The Undeniable Discovery!

It became very clear just how many motorcycle groups there are out there every day. It seemed that every destination we chose to ride to we would encounter so many other groups with the same plans as we had. It was amazing how many we met up with on any given ride and we even joined up with some of them and as you would suspect the groups grew even larger than we started with.

This was a thrill to see so many of them on the road each and every day and their numbers would be anywhere from 4 or 5 to 15, 20 and more in some cases. I know that you have seen the same thing if you get out and drive very much.

What a Large Group and With Organization too!

The Emerging Large Groups. Wow!
The Emerging Large Groups. Wow!

The Human Element!

Now I want to discuss some issues that we encountered during almost every ride. As we discuss the issues encountered we need to understand the individual rider and the comfort with passing down hand signals back to the riders behind them. This from what I have concluded is a large part of the problem with information flow needed by not just a few of the riders but every rider in the group. Now once you understand the human element and hesitation to perhaps someone not wanting to be under scrutiny and to how or even to understand what these signal are. It takes due diligence to each rider to study these signals and to apply them during every ride.

This in not wanting to throw any blame to any rider but just to introduce the human element and the reaction time for the group as a whole when signals are not passed back trough the group.

Low Visibility Within the Group Here! But What a Fun Ride!

 More Care is Needed to Keep This Group Safe!
More Care is Needed to Keep This Group Safe!

Time Delays Throughout The Group for Information Flow!

Now to move a bit forward and let’s look at the time it takes to send signals back through groups like the one shown here in this photo.

First of all I have never seen any hand signal sent back by more than the first 8 – 12 riders in the front. Now is this a problem? Absolutely!

Are the newest riders at more risk to try and make the signals for the folks behind him or her? Absolutely!

A Very Inviting Ride Here To Ponder!

Riding in the country...
Riding in the country...

Changes In The Way We Communicate On The Way!

As always when new trends are started we will also see improvements to the way that we try and fix what really does not work as well as they did before. Now in this case just in the last 10 years we have seen these groups grow more popular than ever before with motorcycles.

Now we have looked at the motorcycle riders that have been riding over the years really building and starting groups of their own to improve their enjoyment when riding in numbers but as stated above was very hard to pull very many folks into a single group but when they did they found a whole new experience that just added to what they already had a passion to do. I was there and it was great to get larger groups together to ride with and enjoy more riders.

Now let’s flip the coin over and see what has had a vast impact on motorcycle sales. I believe that the idea of buying a bike was driven by the idea of group riding and getting to go with some of their friends that will talk of the fun they have in groups they ride with.

Evidence of this can be proven just by asking around to bike riders about this and see what they tell you. There will be old time riders and new ones and just see what their motivation was to buy a motor cycle. I’ll bet you will find things just as I have explained here just to validate the claims made in this article.

Thanks for for stopping by,


PS. Leave me some comments and tell me what you think of the points made here! Feedback Needed!


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