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Photography Projects for Winter

Updated on February 4, 2014

Boring Winter

 Many photographers feel as though winter is not the best time for photographs.  I disagree.  Winter provides a wonderful opportunity to start a variety of projects, whether you want to stay inside or go outside.  Below is a list of great winter projects to keep your mind, and eye, fresh.

365 Project

A 365 project can be a great tool, and the winter can be a great time to start it. The challenge of this photography project is to take a picture every day. This can be an incredibly difficult challenge, as it can be hard to find new subject. The project will help to increase your eye, and think of new perspectives to take of everyday objects. The 365 project force you to be creative and find subjects that you may not otherwise photograph.

This was taken during my 365 project, about 20 days in.
This was taken during my 365 project, about 20 days in.

Food Photography

Taking photographs of your meals can be a fun event for the family.  You can involve children with the arrangement of the food.  They can be included in shopping lists for desserts, or help to decide what should be eaten.  This can help with the composition of photographs, as it can help you to make focal points with certain types of food, or show you how to balance photos. 


Winter landscapes can have a character all of their own. They show a part of nature that is not viewed in the other seasons. Bare limbs can be very dramatic. Ice falls can be an interesting dynamic added to other landscapes. When you are shooting in the cold winter, make sure that you dress warmly. Taking care of your gear is necessary as well, so that you can have optimal shooting conditions.


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