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Photo Storyboards

Updated on July 3, 2014
CC BY-ND 2.0
CC BY-ND 2.0 | Source

"A photo story is a group of photographs that conveys a unified story and is published as a book or as a feature in a newspaper. It is also a piece of software from Microsoft used to make photo stories. A photo story made by Microsoft software can be played on a PC using Windows media player."

Photographs usually tell of a moment in time and it is static in nature. In other words you take a slide of life, freeze it and show it to others.

Most photographs can tell a story with only one frame but there are times when you can do much more and continue telling the story with much more information thus creating a visual history of a particular subject or a situation.

By using multiple frames you create a story and the best thing is that the images that make the story do not have to be taken in a straight sequencing pattern.

They can be captured at different times in the life of the subject but should not be taken too far apart either.

The same goes for a one day story. There are times that several images of one happening will tell a story the same as if they had been done for an extended period of time.

The story is the main theme not the number or the time involved.The story should be cohesive and one that can be followed by the viewers.

The subject or subjects that make the story itself should be one of interest and should be alive or to say it another way, it should be a dynamic subject matter.

Although some nature scenes can be shot with this style they most regularly show the changes in the season; summer, winter, fall and so on, and they can be very static without mentioning that the 'seasons' have been photographed too many times to even attempt to count them.

More dynamic subjects like a group of animals, one particular animal and the same goes for people, provides more interesting visual appeal and can often go from the expected behavior to the completely un-expected.

CC BY-SA 3.0
CC BY-SA 3.0 | Source

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The majority of this type of work applies to sporting events, personal relationships like the birth of a child and following her growth.

However the most compelling stories are those that follow a developing story like for example when two animals from different species form a bond and you can capture moments when they are together over some period of time.

Other scenes can be when a race is about to take place; the moment when the athletes arrive, starting line, the moment the go is given, the run and the finish line.

CC BY 2.0
CC BY 2.0 | Source

Weddings and other events offer precious opportunities for the theme and can lead to a great "story telling" project.

If you are asked to do an event like a wedding start by capturing images of the bride and the groom as they choose the rings, dresses, locations, visit the church.

The time that the bride is getting ready with the aid of her family or bridesmaids and the same can be done for the groom. The ceremony and the after party all provide great photogenic opportunities.

This should be done with some time and preferably over a few days. Do not try to cram everything in one day and this should be discussed with your clients ahead of time.

Hopefully you can also be a part of the "results" and be hired once again when the "stork" is about to arrive.

public domain.
public domain. | Source

So far as how to put everything together, luckily enough Photoshop and other digital programs have programs to do just this and it is easier than you might think.

Think of it as when you used to create presentations using power point software.

The presentation should be smooth going from one instance to another and flow easily.

There should not be gaps in time that span too much time if doing a wedding or a sporting event for example but can feature longer time frames if featuring an animal friendship.

Your presentation should include several slides but the number of slides is up to you. 'Use as many as you think necessary to do the job; as many as you need to tell the full story.

(CC BY 2.0
(CC BY 2.0 | Source

Besides suing the finalized presentation for a client you can also use it for a publication or for book projects.

Keep in mind that you are telling a story but using images instead of words.

Although most will benefit from having some sort of text added, this is not absolutely necessary if your images do the job well enough.

This is not to say that no text should be used. Text should not so prevalent as to overshadow the idea of telling the story through photographs.

Text should be there to help tell the story and to help clarify some details if you feel that it is necessary.

Things such as titles and short descriptions really help the entire concept and much more if the images are very similar in their scope.

© 2014 Luis E Gonzalez


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