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Photographic Composition OR Killing Time With a Camera

Updated on February 8, 2012

I'm not claliming to be a great photographer, nor are my photos of superb quality, but I think I have a spark of creativitiy. Sometimes while at home or on vacation I get bored and take a walk with camera in hand. Anything that even slightly catches my eye as unique or unusual causes me to pause for a few seconds and snap a few photos. I don't have a high end SLR. I have used a Canon A-95 5Mpix, Canon S1 3.1Mpix with 10X optical zoom and image stabilization and now have a Panasonic Lumix FZ35 12 Mpix with 18x optical zoom and image stabilization. I have captured enough unusual images with each to keep myself entertained and amused. I look for unique textures, shapes, contrast or colors....and sometimes even the occasional "Kodak moment"

In this group of photos what stikes me is the color of the pajamas and the red mask sliding down or his face, giving the subject character. He has had just about enough horseback riding for the morning.

The second photo, although grainy, shows the brightly colored shirts which match the msichievious peronalities of the little blue eyed boys. Just what is he thinking? And is his brother aware?

I liked the reflections in the glass of the third photo and the sad expression on the faces of the children who were momentarily left inside inspite of being dressed, ready and anxious to begin their outdoor play. They came out to play soon after, don't worry.

The last photo shows lots of character, just look at the hats, and plenty of contrasting color between the clothing and the autumn leaves. Twin brothers with loads of attitude!

Here is color contrast and some di-chormacity. I just made that word up. The colors are black, white and greyish with.....a pink tongue in the middle of the photo. I just smile a litte when I look at this one.

Here the rawhide bone and it's subtle texture, the dogs eyes, and the lighting give this photo its character. Plus the fact the the bone is absurdly large. The dog almost seems to happiily acknowledge that fact.

Here are simple color contrasts and some texture that caught my eye.

The first photo is just pink and green and white, but the flower is full of complex detail which in itself is a contrast to the color simplicity.

The second photo shows a solitary Trilium (I think) with a highly texture contrasting stump as a backdrop. Green, purple and grey. No color complexity.

I like the basic, simple contrasting colors and the texture of the leaves in the third photo.

The forth photo was taken with the macro setting on my camera and it to only contains a few colors but the lighting highlights the texture of the flower petals, stems and the dew drops.

The red berries provide some contrast agains the light green leaves, but it's the leaves in this photo that seem to pop out.

The blueberries, birch bark and green leaves were what attracted my eye in this photo. The clumps of blue seemed an almost unatural contast.....and looked just delicious!

Texture is what I see here. The morel mushroom budding out of the greyish brown, leafy, twig covered forest floor. A touch of tender greenery adds the color that helps the mushroom stand out.

This orange toad stood seemed a little out of place trying to stay hidden next to the pine cone in a bed of dead pine needles under this blue spruce tree. This has texture, color and lighting nuances.

I love the dark green and tan colors of this fungus. The texture is what first attracted me, but then I noticed the colors.

The next photo is so simple but so complex. The stump covers the sun begining to emerge from the clouds that carried in a brief but fierce rain storm leaving a rolling mist on the lake. It seems that the stump separates the sceen into different times of day.

Should I call this tri-chromic. The leaves and berries are different colors but somewhat similar but both contrast nicely against the rock textured with gray moss. This was not staged by the way.

I just like this photo, A tiny pine tree taking root in a small boulder. Tenacity? I wonder if the tree will survive, sprouting roots to eventally cover the rock, merging into the woody trunk.

Long sharp thorns. What else can I say? ...and growing next to the barbed wire!

Here again the colors are mute. White snow, grey tree trunk, black fence wire, dead tan beech leaves with just enough color left to stand out in a contrasting scene.The snow and the fence wire form interesting shapes.

A raccoon track formed in melting snow then sprinkled with ice crystals. SHAPE! and some contrast of brown and white. TEXTURE too.

Texture formed by ice crystals on the branches.

This scene did not appear to me worthy of a photo at first, but something about it made me stop and take a longer look, so I took a few photos. Is it observance, instinct, some sense that causes you to pause. I don't know, but when it happens take a photo. I was surprised how the camera captured the detail.

MORE TEXTURE - The up-rooted stump, weather by wind and rain and stained by moss seems like it is trying to some how blend into the forest background.

Looking up the trunk of a tall white pine breaking through the canopy and streaming skylight through the high branches.

The moss has a slight hairy texture the clumps and lighting make the individual moss "hairs" stand out. A nice blend of color and texture.

Shape and shadow of the star fish and texture of the sand. The lighting accents the perfect complement of the impression of the star fish and the actual star fish.

Shape - This looks like a large white snake sunning itself on a rock near the waters edge. Muted colors in the rocks are interesting too.

Seagull - just and interesting appearance of the birds head peering over a rock, trying to stay just hidden enough while waiting for a snack.

Shape - The sunset on water provides the color against which the perfectly space pines silhouette to give an impression of imprisonment, contrasted against the freedom of wilderness solitude and opportunty of escape in a kayak.

This sunset and the light chop on the water makes this seem like an oil painting done with thick strokes of a pallet knife.

The outstanding morning pink sunrise is the topic of this photo with a large boulder in the forefront which adds a little character.

Looks almost like a post card doesn't it. The tree line reflected in the water funnels your vision to the canoe silhouette against the sunset.



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    • 4wardthinker profile image

      4wardthinker 5 years ago from Sierra Nevada CA

      Nice photos! I like how you categorized them. The textures, trees and snow pictures are my favorites.

    • _cheryl_ profile image

      _cheryl_ 5 years ago from California

      Great photos! I especially love your perspective of the one looking up the tree, beautiful.