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Photographing Toddlers - Tips

Updated on January 19, 2016

Photography tips for photographers and tips for parents with toddlers

Out of all the subjects in photography, my most favorite subject to shoot are children. I have four children, all boys, of my own so I know what I'm dealing with. And I don't want to forget to mention, they're toddlers about a year apart each.

When you're in the studio trying to get them to participate, they get antsy, start crying up a storm, become uncooperative, and sometimes, like my kids, when they have too much energy, they run all over the place.

I am more of a naturalist than I am a studio styled photographer. 99 percent of my shoots are out doors, depending on the weather. And the other 1 percent are done inside the comfort of the clients homes. I love to keep the children occupied with toys and props. Some times I get the parents involved in tickles and funny faces.

Parents shouldn't have to worry about whether or not their toddler shows up to a photo shoot well groomed. I love the sticky face after they just sucked on a loli pop, the messed up hair do after you tried to fix it for them, and the stain of juice on their white t shirt. It's a memory worth keeping.

Let them loose, chase them around, toss them in the air (make sure you catch them), and most importantly be silly. Our job is to capture memories to keep for a life time. Here are simple tips for the photographers and parents first time.

Tips for the photographer:

1. Be flexible, silly, and full of energy when working with a toddler.

Don't expect a toddler to stand still and hold a pose for you. A lot of the times, they get antsy and mad and stressed out. And when they become stressed, you become stressed and mom and dad becomes stressed.

2. Don't stop shooting.

I always keep on shooting the toddler. Whether they're running, being tossed in the air or just sitting, KEEP ON SHOOTING. This will you give you so many shots to work with, and it'll give mom and dad the opportunity to pick cherish-able photos to keep.

3. Bump up your shutter speed and focus.

It's important to get some crisp clear photos of the toddler, so expect some running and flying. If you have nieces and nephews, they are great practice!

4. Prepare yourself.

Prepare some props and speak with the parents 24 hours prior to shooting. Find out what mom and dad wants, and find out what the toddler likes. Most importantly, come well rested and fully energized. You'll be chasing that toddler all around.

5. Team up with the parents.

Don't excuse them from the photo shoot. In fact, the parents are going to be reason of success for the photo shoot. I like to get the parents involved and interact with their child. This creates great memories for mom and dad and child.

Tips for the parent:

1. Don't stress.

If you're stressed during the shoot, then your toddler becomes stressed. They become antsy and become fussy. So relax mom and dad, let the kid do their thing.

2. Work with the photographer to keep your toddler active in front of the camera.

Interact with your child behind the camera and share some ideas with the photographer on how you want it shot. Team work = successful photo shoot.

3. Create memories with your child and photographer.

Don't be conscientious of the photographer and play with your child like how you would when you're home. Make your funny faces and silly noises. It'll be well worth it.

4. Make sure your toddler is well rested and are fully fed. This will prevent them from being crabby and tired during the photo shoot.

© 2016 Song Moua


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    • Hanzamfafa profile image

      Mike Leal 

      2 years ago from London

      Another great Hub. Nice tips on shooting photos of children.


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