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Photographing Your Baby Bump

Updated on October 31, 2015

Baby Bump Phenomenon

As a first time mom, I've come to learn that there are more baby-prep traditions as well as a long list of to-do's than I ever thought possible. Choosing a hospital, meeting with a pediatricians, deciding whether to nurse or use supplements, getting ready for a baby shower, picking out nursery themes, and all the clothes and baby gear shopping... a lot for new mom's to take care of! One of the newer traditions to add to the ongoing is the baby bump photo shoot. For me, this was something I did not necessarily know had become such a big deal. When I saw some beautiful pictures some friends of mine had done, I decided to jump on the band wagon and get my baby bump photographed. My first idea was to run to Pinterest and other online forums for ideas where I saw a number of women posing half-nude to show off their bumps. While I adored those pictures and thought the women looked absolutely lovely, I was much more interested in some of the more modest poses. Continue reading for tips and tricks on pulling of an amateur baby bump photo-shoot!

Getting Ready

Start by choosing a photographer. For my husband and I, that was my mom. If you and your baby's father are planning on both being in the picture, obviously you need someone else to take pictures for you. Make sure whoever is taking your pictures has a high resolution camera- although you would be surprised at how nice of pictures you can get in the right lighting with any camera. Choose at least two outfits for you and daddy that go well together; a good tip for making your outfits go together... if one of you is wearing stripes or any sort of patterns, make sure the other is wearing a solid color that matches! Why two outfits? Well, you never know what will happen- especially if you're taking pictures outside. Also, you might really love the dress or shirt you have picked out but wind up being surprised by outfit number two. I suggest a dress for one and a shirt for the other! Choose a good location and bare in mind the weather. For my husband and me, we wanted a location that meant something to us. When we were first dating we use to go to this beautiful picnic area, so we obviously had to take pictures there! Also, we had a second location at a playground that turned out great. Finally, decide what poses you like and pack any items you would like to include in your pictures.


There are so many different options out there for cute, fun pregnancy photo ideas. Keep in mind that while your baby bump is the star attraction, you are still going to want your faces in the pictures! Here are a few poses that my husband and I tried out...


This is our lovely baby girl, Kiku. If you're a dog family (or a cat family) like us, consider letting your furry friends in on the fun. We took this canine-inspired picture before heading out on our photo shoot so that we would not have to watch after our dog while taking the rest of the pictures. For any signs you decide to make or use, make sure the writing is legible and can be seen from a distance.


As an avid book worm, I could not resist incorporating baby books into my photo shoot. Some good books to consider: "Guess How Much I Love You?", "Love You Forever", and "Are You My Mother?"

There are also a lot of options for posing with books. Moms face hidden behind the book, books on the bump, sitting on a stack of books while reading one, reading to a teddy bear, and dad reading to mom. If you're adamant about getting a good baby book/ bump picture- try them all out and choose your favorite!


There are so many different poses you can do with a pair of your favorite shoes. Personally, I loved the hand-holding photo: Dad loops his fingers in the shoes and Mom holds Dads hand. The photographer focuses on the hand and shoes for this photo.

Some other options: showing Mom and Dad's feet with the shoes or putting shoes on your baby bump. Since we took pictures at a playground, we did a photo of just the shoes on some playground equipment!


Your stomach is perfectly round- use that to your advantage! Our sons name is Oliver, and we had some white letters put in his nursery to spell out his name. Using my stomach as the "O" we borrowed our nursery decor to spell out the word "LOVE"- and it made for a great picture! You can find wooden letters at any craft store and paint them in accordance to your nursery theme!

There are other ways to use your new found curves to create lettering options. If like me you are expecting a little boy, turning to your side makes those swollen breasts and bump look like a "B"- couple that with an "OY" and some photo-shop options, and you have yourself a lovely Gender announcement photo!


My mom's cousin hand-crafted a beautiful blue bunny and had my sons initials monogrammed on the ears. I knew I would want to get a newborn picture of my son with the bunny, so I thought it would be cute to have a baby bump picture with the bunny too! I've seen a lot of pictures of some women taking pictures with bows and ribbons for their baby bump photos and using those same ribbons in the newborn shots. The two pictures with the special toy or bow look great hanging together on a wall.


Have Dad get down towards the baby bump for either a hug or kiss! You're going to want at least one more intimate photo, and Dad giving his unborn child a happy hug or kiss makes for a great picture.

Final Thoughts

There are thousands of different options out there. Before heading off to your baby bump photo shoot, make a list of at least fifteen different poses you would like to try. Why so many? Well, I can assure you that not every pose is going to be as wonderful as you imagined it would be. After going back and looking at our pictures, we threw out a lot of what were some of our favorite ideas because they just did not work out. Remember to take more pictures than what at the time you find necessary. We took almost 500 pictures that day, and we have about thirty that are worth sharing. That's just what happens- even professional photographers take more pictures than what they think they will need. Make sure everyone is in the right frame of mind because bad moods make bad pictures. Have fun and enjoy every second of your picture taking- it's okay to cut up and act goofy (those actually make for some of the best pictures sometimes). My mom, my husband, and I were constantly cutting up with one another to keep our smiles looking genuine. Pack plenty of props for you to try out- you never know! And, let Dad have some fun too- he might have a fun idea you never would have thought of. My husband came up with some of my favorite poses. Don't be disappointed if not every picture turned out how you wanted- just be sure to take a lot! Once your pictures are taken, download them onto your computer and play around in photo shop or other editing platforms. You would be surprised at how many pictures you originally did not like can be made into something very special by just changing up the lighting.

Now that you have your baby bump photos, share them with friends and family. This is a very exciting moment in your life, so be happy that you have the memories in picture form! These will be fun to show your son or daughter one day!

Have additional baby bump poses ideas? Comment below!


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