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Photography Backdrops Are Essential

Updated on February 4, 2011

Example of White Backdrop

Example of a dyed muslin background

What is a backdrop?

 A backdrop in photography is simply a background. The background is a piece of material that is placed behind the subject of your picture to provide a smooth and continuous background. The backdrop can be made from a variety of materials, such as linen, muslin, denim, and a variety of other textured materials. I even have a crushed velvet backdrop that I keep in my studio for some clients.

Photography backdrops are essential because you can find a backdrop that will fit the subject you are going to photograph. For example, if you are shooting Christmas photos you could have one backdrop with a festive holiday theme and for portraits you could have a black backdrop or a textured muslin backdrop.

If for some reason you cannot find the type of backdrop you are looking for, with a little creativity and a few bucks you can make your own backdrop from dyeing a piece of muslin!

Where Can You Find a Backdrop?

  1.  From a dealer: There are hundreds if not thousands of companies that specialize in selling backdrops for photography. You can find just about any color and design your heart could desire. There are many companies online too so you can search for what you are looking for and have it shipped to your house!
  2. Make one! You can make a homemade backdrop fairly easy. Go to your local fabric store like Joann's or Hancock Fabrics. There you can purchase a piece of white or off-white muslin. You can then buy fabric dye and dye the muslin to your desired color. There are even ways to make the muslin look textured by tye dyeing it.
  3. Rent one: There are businesses that you can rent a photography backdrop for. Renting a photography backdrop can be a good option if you are only going to use the backdrop for one or two events. Sometimes it is not worth buying a backdrop if you are going to only use it once.


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    • Carmen H profile image

      Carmen Beth 6 years ago

      I totally agree with you, Photographybyar. Backdrops and background settings are crucial to enhance the atmospheres of pictures and also to help exude the appropriate vibes pertaining to the subjects. Sadly, usually only photography enthusiasts think that way. Voted up!

    • Sarahredhead profile image

      Sarah Jackson 7 years ago from Southern United States