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How to be a good Photographer without spending a fortune

Updated on March 5, 2017
Photographer flamedlotus
Photographer flamedlotus | Source

Canon 350D

I started the love for photography when I first purchased a smart phone, the Samsung Galaxy. I was then given a Canon 350D by my farther in law along with a Sigma DC 18-200mm lens. I still use my 350D today.

Taking a good photo means understanding your subject and the best way to capture it within your frame. For example taking a photo of a dog, you wouldn't want to just stand in front of said animals and take a photo, instead try getting down to the dogs eye level or even below.

Personally I prefer taking photos of subjects rather than landscapes as I get to be more creative in what I photograph.

Photographer flamedlotus
Photographer flamedlotus | Source

Photography trip to Italy

Which smart phone would you rate for taking great photos

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Taken using a Samsung Galaxy S7 photographer flamedlotus
Taken using a Samsung Galaxy S7 photographer flamedlotus

Photo editing for beginners

I don't have a clue about using photoshop, all my images are touched up using either Instagram or EyeEm photo editor. These tools though basic will still give your image a really great look. Unless your looking to be a professional photographer, these tools are great for those finishing touches like adjusting the brightness, contrast, structure and sharpness of your photo.

Both EyeEm and Instagram have some really cool filters that you can use over your photos to make them stand out even more.

Photographer flamedlotus
Photographer flamedlotus


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