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Picture of the week: Wild Orchids

Updated on August 18, 2011

These little orchids were found on the side of the road, fronting my property. They're growing under the shade of the many guava trees that grow wildly everywhere. They don’t last long, but add a nice speck of purple to the yard.

My family used to own an orchid farm, but decided to make it more casual and have it as an "open market" type of farm. I spent hours in the greenhouses, cleaning, replanting, fertilizing, watering, and clipping off old shoots. I loved seeing all of the different varieties that would spring up during the year. The rows and rows of colors were absolutely beautiful and would blow away anyone who entered the property.

As much as I loved seeing all of the orchids that would bloom in the greenhouses, I was always appreciative of the wild flowers that would grow around the property and in neighboring properties. One of the flowers, these wild orchids, that would spring up by themselves goes by the name “Bamboo Orchids” (a.k.a. “Volcano Orchids” as they are often found growing in areas that have only lava rocks, no dirt).

For more information on Bamboo Orchids, click here.


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