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Pictures of Bottles

Updated on November 22, 2011

There is a wide application of Bottles that they affects our everyday life in one way or the other. Bottles exist in primarily in Glasses and by extension, in Plastics and other synthetic forms. Water Bottles for in stance are a key aspect of two realities: Packed water and Environmental impact of used water Bottles. Here we will be considering more of Glass bottles and the most recognisable Bottles.


A Cluster of different types of Bottles makes a beautiful pattern that are usually taken for granted. These Bottles in their empty and full form can be combined to form a beautiful Pattern that can be used to make an attractive Interior Decor. A random pick of used empty bottles can be designed with special colours or wrapped with attractive designs. But it is the ability to simply combine their various shapes and Colours to make an attractive photographic Image that is most attractive.

Photos of Bottles taken with a Digital Camera can go beyond just a Kitchen wall Photo to being a Book Photo or online photos. Here, the introduction of the Photos of the Bottles could spice up the content of an Article such that it becomes richer in content and appeal.

Bottle of Olive Oil

Transparent Bottle of pale green Olio Di Olive
Transparent Bottle of pale green Olio Di Olive | Source

The eye Catchy image of the transparent Olive oil Bottle is in an ideal case an ordinary waste bottle ready for the Waste Basket. The pale greenish background conferred by the underneath Olive oil gives a two dimensional pattern coupled with the Olive seed designs on the bottle Label.

Even the Bottle cover is deliberate. Here, a carefully picked Golden colour designed with colourful greenish crown patterns makes the bottle a first choice even when the quality of the content might be of lower value compared to Bottles of other similar contents.

This Olive Bottle, like so many other Bottles are smooth cylindrical Tubes carefully blown to conceal every possible Joint. This do not only create an attraction for the eyes, but a soft and smooth feel that is appealing to the Hands.

Bottle of Dry Gin

Bottle of long Crystal Dry Gin with fine Recipe
Bottle of long Crystal Dry Gin with fine Recipe | Source

A Bottle of Brandy

70cl Bottle of 37.2% Vol. Ethanol
70cl Bottle of 37.2% Vol. Ethanol | Source

The most attractive picture of Bottles can be found in a line up of brandy and Wine. While you could find great similarities in both white and red wine Bottles, Bottle of Brandy seem some how mature in structure and strength. You feel the richness in the thick wall of Glass shaped into flat short neck Bottles.

The value of the bottle of brandy goes beyond the content. You appreciate this in the special background formed when you are in a Bar or when you view a photo with the Brandy at the background. Bar owners are aware of this fact so, hence they like to shade different types of beautiful bottles on their shelves even when they do not open them to pour out the Contents.

Bottle of Mayonnaise

Tubular Glass Bottle of Mayonnaise
Tubular Glass Bottle of Mayonnaise | Source

Plastic Bottle of Lemon Syrup

Plastic Bottle of 12% Alcoholic Lemon
Plastic Bottle of 12% Alcoholic Lemon | Source

It is easy to say that this lemon Bottle is the most unique of all. The reason is not being that it is the most attractive of all the Bottles, but the most sophisticated. It would have been defined of what is fit for special expensive contents if it were not made from synthetic Chemicals.

That the bottle content is Alcoholic some how betrays a popular concept where colourful attractive bottles are more towards soft drinks and Beverages than Alcohol. The Alcohol content is more of a multiple of the percentage content of Beer. But Beer Bottle on the other hand is usually dark and not that attractive as the Lemon alcohol Bottle.

Most importantly is that when you consider the taste of the content and those who are more likely to drink from the bottle, you would realise that the design is actually deliberate.

Bottle of Curry Spice

Curry Spice powder bottle made to ease sprinkiling like Dining salt Bottle.
Curry Spice powder bottle made to ease sprinkiling like Dining salt Bottle. | Source

Perfume Bottle

The sweet smelling Aroma of Perfumes reflects in Bottle
The sweet smelling Aroma of Perfumes reflects in Bottle | Source

The most attractive bottles are the Bottles of Perfumes. They are short and well shaped that you sometimes that if they are real bottles. Perfume Bottles give that unique attractions that you might be tempted to keep the empty Bottles.

Sometimes, they look like special valuable Stones. The vertices of some perfume Bottles are more of specially polished Diamonds Stones with reflecting Crystals.

The valuable structure of the Perfume Bottle makes it a beautiful Object to make an attractive Photo Image. The nature of the array of pattern can only be shown in the unique photo of the picture of the empty bottle of Brandy. This is different from the photo of the Bottle of Mayonnaise with a unique blend of Background.


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    • James Agbogun profile image

      James Agbogun 5 years ago

      Thank you rebeccamealey! Your Collections are not only attractive but examples to learn from.

    • rebeccamealey profile image

      Rebecca Mealey 5 years ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

      Interesting. I collect sea glass! Check out my Holiday center piece Hub and see a bit of my collection!

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