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Pine Tree and Christmas Tree Crochet Patterns

Updated on August 25, 2015

Every year, whenever we flip our calendars to the "ber" months, we tend to associate it with the looming approach of the Christmas season. The countdown to Christmas begins, decors are put up, gifts are bought and wrapped, etc.

This hub is all about pine tree and Christmas tree crochet patterns. Ranging from actual 3-dimensional trees to motifs with trees, this hub provides free crochet patterns suitable for all skill levels.

3-Dimensional Christmas Tree Patterns

If you live in an apartment and have no room for big trees, you can crochet your own mini Christmas trees and use up your stash by crocheting your own decorations. This subsection includes patterns for Christmas trees that either involve an extra element for the crocheted tree to stand up like stuffing, cones, etc. or require the use of fabric stiffener to hold its shape.

This pattern from Red Heart Free Website uses spools of thread as trunks and two pieces of long wooden dowels or wooden chopsticks to hold the tree up. The construction involves crocheting two separate pieces, stuffing it with fiberfill, and then sewing it closed. Instructions for decorations are also included with a garland, a star, and a circle top. Buttons are sewed on for extra decoration.

This free pattern is made from size 10 crochet cotton thread. The finished size is 3 1/4 inches tall inclusive of a pattern for a star shaped ornament on top of the tree. This tree is supported by saturating the entire piece with fabric stiffener and stuffed with plastic wrap to form the shape while drying.

This pattern is an amigurumi type of tree. Snow garlands and a star decorate the tree along with some beads sewn in. This tree is smaller than the previous ones, and can be used as an ornament for your bigger tree.

Another pattern for an ornament to hang on your Christmas Trees. While there are no decorations included in the pattern, the instructions are quite simple for any beginner to accomplish.

This free pattern for a Christmas Tree involves making a cone and adding the branches (ruffles) for each row. Because the cone is stuffed only in the end, this can also double as a Christmas Tree hat for your kids.

Christmas Tree Motifs Patterns

If you're after 2-dimensional trees, these patterns are for you. Simple motifs of trees or afghan squares, there are several options available.

This pattern requires you to register at the website for free before you can start downloading. Consisting of squares with trees in the middle, this blanket is perfect for the holiday season. Using cross stitch to add the trees and french knots for ornaments, this pattern requires some time and extra skills to finish.

Worked with worsted weight yarn, this tree motif can work as a coaster for the season. Measuring at about 6 x 6 inches, this pattern is quite simple to make and will only take a few minutes to finish.

Other Christmas Tree Patterns

Why not wear a tree to show your holiday spirit? This pattern uses front post and back post double crochet stitches for the ribbing at the bottom of the hat. It also has a star on top with garlands decorating the tree. You can also feel free to decorate your hat anyway you want.

This free crochet pattern from Coats and Clark uses Aunt Lydia's Classic Crochet Thread, Size 10 in green and a 1.5 mm steel hook. Consisting of 10 star motifs joined together, the doily has a triangular shape resembling a pine tree for the holiday season. Finished doily should measure about 13 inches.


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