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Places to post and sell your artwork

Updated on February 1, 2016

What kind of art?

These items are aimed more towards drawing and painting type mediums and not crafts but some of these can be used for both of those things. Below are items that can get you mostly money in commissions though you can also sell prints and and deviantart offers you to be able to sell items such as much and shirts. There are many other sites out there that you can post your artwork but these are some of the best money makers and advertising ones and the most popular!


I'm sure all up and coming traditional, and digital artists have heard of this one. This is a great place to post your art and get some feedback on it. They also have a commission program where people can request you to draw something based off the categories you have posted. You can also sell prints of your files and you can have it put onto mugs, tee-shirts, and other items that people can buy. This is a site specifically dedicated to artists and great place to begin posting your drawings.


This site used to be full of more amateur artists but lately more and more talented artists are going to Iit. This site is mostly dedicated to anime/manga. This site is a good place to post your art as they have strong community and people are constructive but kind. One of my favorite things about this site is the contests that they host. This site often holds contests where you can win amazing prizes. The last contest I entered they were giving away copic markers for first place and I think it was sakura for second place, but the prizes are amazing. For the contests they also restrict people who have won contests from entering for 6 months so no one can dominate the prizes!


Pinterest is full of pictures of anything and everything making it a great place to post your art. You can post just a picture or you can use it as a way to advertise your other sites. Many people will share their art from deviantart to Pinterest especially if they do commissions as it will earn them more people to see what they have available. Pinterest can also be used for other forms of art such as jewelry making, crocheting, etc.


Yes Facebook is a good place to post your drawings if you are trying to earn money off them, Friends and family can refer you and share your posts and you can even make your own page dedicated to your art. This is a great way to gain some exposure for your art and can earn you money through this. You can add links to your main site that you do your commissions, prints, etc on so people can click right to them. This is a great way to get some free advertising and earn some money!


Tumblr is a site where you make basically your own blog in a sense and can share other people's posts and make your own. Many people on Tumblr are teenagers and love people to draw their oc's or characters from their favorite show. If you do custom oc's outfit designs, anthros and art like that then Tumblr should be a perfect place for you to post your creations. You can add links to your other sites off your Tumblr and this is a good way to make money especially for teen and young artists! People can also follow you and will see your work on their dashboard and many times people do special giveaways for when they get a certain amount of followers. That is a great way to gain more exposure to your page and your art!


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