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Planning An Old English Calligraphy Page

Updated on August 26, 2012

European Calligraphy

Calligraphy is known because of the old english, middle eastern and chinese texts. The detailed lettering, interesting yet complex designs, and colorful inks. The papers created during in these areas are treasured and placed in art gallories.

At home, you can make your own sample of old english calligraphy with simple instructions. Calligraphy, the art of nice handwriting, can be done by anyone with an even hand, the correct supplies and a good idea.


Most of the supplies can be purchased at an art store. Common supplies include:

  • Inks - Possible different colors to appear more realistic.
  • Paper - Any type you think would make your work seem more interesting or visually appreciative art. Possibly burned edges to make the paper seem aged.
  • A ruler - Measurements are extremely important in calligraphy for a perfect piece.
  • Calligraphy Pens - These pens are different from pencils and pens. There are different tips to write with, thick or thin and small or large. These are drastically important.
  • A Toothbrush - To wash the pen tips.
  • A pencil - It is important to have erasable marks on the page.

The Planning

Think about what art work you wish to create. Do you want to use a poem, a saying, a Bible verse? Try to plan the designs around what you wish to enhance. If you are using a poem, choose a nice font that accents your words along with colors and possibly calligraphy animals or pictures. If it is a saying, use something linked to the saying. Is it based on a wise individual? Draw an owl. Is the saying about a family? Then draw a nice home. If the writings are about a Bible verse, what does the verse mean? Use pictures to describe it.

When planning you must put the font, ink colors, sizes of the words. Then you must also think of where the words will go and what extra designs to add. Will you put an outlining design? Will an animal be in the piece? What colors will accent the animal? There will be a lot of questions to answer but you are the only ones who can answer them.

Putting the Pieces Together

First, write the words in the font and color you wish. There will be plenty of practice and attempts. It will take quite some time for you to get it correct. Try not to take up all of the space on the page. It is wise to put at least a 2-inch gap between the words and the frame or side of the page. The first letter of the page is known to be large with plenty of designs. It will look astounding, interesting, and drastic.

Second, the design will be placed either on the side or surrounding the words. Do a few attempts before writing on the perfect piece. It is nice to have one side of the page with designs, maybe two. However, all four with elaborate designs seems a little much, especially since the designs should be extremely detailed.

Third, if you wish to add an animal or written object, then add it last. The design and lettering are more important. The animal is only to add appeal and an inward look into the meaning of the written words.

Enjoy your end result!


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    • lburmaster profile image

      Leah Lenau 5 years ago from Houston, TX

      Did you mean fatiha? That's an extremely difficult type of calligraphy. You will need pens, inks, paper, a lot of practice, and plenty of research books.

    • profile image

      moon 5 years ago

      wow nice i want to make my own caligraphy of fariha how can i do

    • xethonxq profile image

      xethonxq 6 years ago

      Beautiful...I've always wanted to learn. I even bought the supplies, but I haven't felt confident to even try. I might just have to take them out of the wrappers this weekend...since we're scheduled to have a massive snowstorm anyway. :)

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

      Calligraphy is a truly a timeless art. Thanks for this overview on planning a project!