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Pom Pom - how to Make one in Under 10 Minutes

Updated on September 18, 2013
celebrities in their pom pom hats
celebrities in their pom pom hats | Source

Pom poms are back in fashion with the cold weather - you can spot them on hats, sweaters, boots and even purses - as fun accessories to any outfit.

I decided to make some handmade holiday gifts starring pom poms for my friends. But when I was searching for tutorials I found quite complicated ones that did not really end with a satisfactory result either. So once I found the simple and easy way to crafting one, I decided to share it here to help you as well.


What you Will Need to Create a Pom Pom

  • wool yarn (not too thin for the fluffiness)
  • scissors
  • dustbin
  • 10 minutes

You can purchase the wool yarn at a local crafts shop, online store or even in several hypermarkets.


Now Let's Make a Pom Pom!

Follow these simple steps and within a few minutes you will be able to create these fun accessories that are easy to apply to clothing or even keychains!

  1. Twist the yarn around one of your hands. Do this tightly but not too tight as it could feel unfomfortable on your hand.
  2. Stop twisting it around when the bundle seems large enough. then cut the end carefully that it does not fall off your hand yet.
  3. Cut a piece of string from the same yarn. This could be a few inches or about 30 centimeters long.
  4. Using this string tie the bundle in two opposite sites as if you would want to shape a number 8.
  5. Make sure you tie it very-very tight so the strings cannot get loose later.
  6. Now it looks like you have a ball of yarn tied in the middle that is shaped like a number 8.
  7. When you have this, carefully start cutting the loops around the ball. At this point place the dustbin under your hands so the pieces falling off will land in the bin whilst you are working.
  8. Once all loops are cut into half you will have a pom pom that you can now shape evenly by trimming the longer threads. Do this above the dustbin to save the clean up time.
  9. Finished! The pom pom is done in under 10 minutes.

Hope you found this guide easy to follow and will try it yourself.

© 2013 Zsuzsi @

© 2013 Zsuzsi


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