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PopKultur3 Marketing Campaign with

Updated on January 3, 2013

It's no secret that since I received my Nikon S9300 for graduation, I haven't been able to put it down since. Since then, I've also discovered an online photo editing program that I've also fallen in love with.

Together these two tools have made my creative life much easier. The last few weeks, all I've done is take pictures and play around with editing etc. Pixlr has also opened me up to some cool graphic ideas. Playing around with the program has really help bring alive the artist in me.

In saying all of that, I've decided to put these creative tools to use and start using them to their full potential. One of my goals for 2013 was to make my fashion and entertainment blog "PopKultur3" a brand. Part of my branding campaign began today with a few images I put together as marketing tools.

PopKultur3 Marketing Campaign

PopKultur3 campaign image 1
PopKultur3 campaign image 1

For the above image (and the one to follow after it), I wanted to go for a "pop art" feel. When I originally created my blog that's what came to mind. I think the pop art theme fits my blog well because visually it's all about bold colors with an edge. This pretty much sums up PopKultur3. My blog isn't the ordinary fashion or entertainment blog, it literally has a little bit of something for everyone. It consists of all my multiple interest, from fashion to hair, music and beauty. I'm really just a free spirit who enjoys being creative. Nothing I do ever fits into one kind of mold. I go with the flow and I enjoy trying new things. When you look at the marketing images, that's the feel I want my audience and readers to perceive.

PopKultur3 Campaign image 2
PopKultur3 Campaign image 2

In the above images, I also paid a small tribute to one of my favorite artist, Andy Warhol. He's the reason I love the bold images with bright colors that pop. I enjoyed taking those elements and tweaking them to fit PopKultur3's theme.

In this last photo, I really just went for something that had an edge. Something edgy but still fashionable and trendy. It says I'm not afraid to be different and just to be me. Which is also something I want my readers to understand about PopKultur3. I'm not out to be the "next big thing", but I am out to share more of writing and my work with more readers and fans. My goal in branding and marketing is for expansion. Meeting new people and discovering new things along the way.

#kultur3shock the final image in the PopKultur3 Campaign
#kultur3shock the final image in the PopKultur3 Campaign

PopKultur3's journey begins....

If you haven't already please be sure to visit the blog. There's also a facebook page to "LIKE" as well. I really look forward to my blog growing even more this year. I'm excited about where it all could lead. =)


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