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Porcelain Art or Better Known as China Painting

Updated on September 10, 2012

China Painting

China Painting has been used for over 2000 years. Not Chinese art but China Painting. Painting on porcelain is an very old technique that requires a bit of patience and a bit of time.

The process of painting on porcelain is completed by a layering of colors. The colors are painted on to a clean piece of porcelain then fired in a kiln layer by layer. There are some techniques that do not require as much layering as others but for the most part your are layering.

Porcelain painting is becoming a dieing art for a couple of reasons. The first being mass production of "good" China. If you were to go to Dillard's or any department store and pick out a China pattern they are all decals. In fact, a hand painted piece of China only needs to be painted by about 13% to be considered hand painted. So unless it says 100% hand painted it is most likely a decal with a few strokes hand painted on.

Therefore, the appreciation for hand painted art work has been somewhat lost. To me there is nothing more beautiful than hand painted work. It beats a decal anytime.

Another factor of this dieing art, I believe, is that porcelain painting really does take patience and time. Much more than painting on canvas or on a piece of furniture. Definitely more time than punching out materials and gluing them to make a card or covering an ornament with paint and glitter.

Porcelain paint is not forgiving. If you add to much oil it will run in the kiln. If you do not add enough it will chip off. If you smudge it, it becomes permanent. Even if you didn't realize, much like I did the other day, you had a bit of blue paint on your finger tips and you set a mug in the kiln and fired it. Well lets just say my fingerprints are literally on the mug. Sigh.

The advantage of this is that as long as your item has not been fired it is not permanent and you can wipe the entire item clean if you would like to. The disadvantage again is you can wipe it clean or smear it without intending to if it is not fired.

Clearly, without getting into to much more detail you can clearly see it requires patience and time.

I personally, believe this is by far cheaper than therapy so I keep my kiln ready to go and my paintbrush forever in hand.

I've been painting for 2 years now with no previous experience and can say I love it and like my counterparts I hope to be painting for another 60 years.

Porcelain Painting

Large Fruit Serving Platter
Large Fruit Serving Platter | Source
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