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Portrait Art using your photographs

Updated on April 29, 2009

Why do you need a photograph?

 I need a photograph to use as reference because your photos will personalize your art.

Plus you don't have to be still for hours while I get the detail.

Using a clear detailed photo helps me to find the personality in the photo.

It takes me up at least 8hr to hand draw the art piece and to look similar to the photo.

The longer it takes the more detail it will be.

Adding other photos will personalize it even more.  Flowers and animals from other photos will help also.

This artistic process is not cheep. 

I charge $80 for an 8x10, $154 for a 10x13, $300 for a 16x20.  Larger pieces are available.  This prices includes paintings also. 

Limit two subjects in the smaller 8x10. 

I’m a full time visual artist with 8yr of portrait photography and a lifetime of art design.

I do accept PayPal.  Full payment is due before production.  Allow two weeks for delivery.

 The art is unframed.  Paintings are gallery wrapped and ready to hang.


Painting Sample

Painting of the photo...
Painting of the photo...
Photo used as references
Photo used as references


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