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Portrait of a Great Leader

Updated on June 20, 2014

How I made my first painting of the Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

H. H. Sheikh Mohammed - The Ruler of Dubai
H. H. Sheikh Mohammed - The Ruler of Dubai

Warm Intentions

It was a warm summers day when I sat down side-by-side with a brush in one hand and a stylus pen in the other. It was nearing the end of a really busy business season here in Dubai. In such a scenario is how I landed with two different tasks to complete in one day. To direct a Products Photo-shoot whilst committing to take part in a charity event held in Dubai to raise funds for the Bosnia flood victims - with courtesy of Zee Art & in DIAC in coordination with the Bosnian consulate in Dubai.

A worthy effort

In 2014 having had no luxury of time to take part in the volumes of art events in Dubai facilitated for artists, I knew my heart told me I had to be part of this event, come what may.

Having observed with much admiration, Zeearts' humanitarian events in the past and their social-art-oriented presence in a melting pot of more than 200 international communities that is Dubai, I was only too pleased to be able to donate one of my traditional paintings if it meant helping one of our communities being challenged in their home country.

Choosing the theme

The theme of my painting being a classic portrait of the ruler of Dubai made more meaning to me to donate as this was an event in actuality to facilitate a donation from Dubai for a humanitarian effort.

And so it was a piece I made with absolution to this cause and my opportunity to give back finally to a dire need.

Details of the Art Piece Donated & Venue of the Charity Auction

Acrylic on Canvas 50X70 cm framed, made between 17-18 June 2014 by Remy Francis @ for the charity auction to be held from 21st to 24th June 2014 at the Dubai International Art Centre.

For those who are in town, do feel free to visit and part-take of this event.

Do stay tuned for a video coverage of this event.


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