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How to Sell Your Old Camera on eBay

Updated on March 20, 2011

Preparation is everything...

Selling your camera - preparation is key. The actual process for selling your camera really starts on the day you first buy it. You should be in the mindset that one day you will probably be selling this new camera in the future. This might be in just a couple of years, or several years down the road, when you are tempted by a newer camera or need to replace an old one. To realise the camera's full second hand value, you really need to think ahead. You need to keep the original box, all the accompanying documentation, wires, wrapping and all the polythene bags, in fact anything that came with the camera. Wrap all these items in another bag to keep them in pristine condition, and put it into safe storage in you attic for example.

During the life of the camera, it's best if you can keep it clean and scratch free as possible. It can be quite hard, especially if your camera is a hard worker out in less than ideal conditions. But, try to keep it clean and dints and scratches to a minimum if possible. Also, try if possible to retain all those little caps and covers your camera has to protect all the external connections. Missing ones can seriously reduce the selling price of the camera, especially on eBay.

Prior to selling or trading in your camera, you need to have a major dust and clean up. This has to be inside and out. Its very important use the correct cleaning materials for cleaning the inside of the camera such as the sensor and mirror if it’s a digital DSLR. One trick to really get your camera to sparkle like new is to use of clear shoe buffer which has silicon in it. A quick rub of the camera's body with this will bring it up a treat, especially black bodied cameras. You will have to wipe it off any clear display screens afterwards as it makes it smeary. (Note: don’t use it inside any part of the camera)

If you are going to sell your camera on an auction website such as eBay, then you need to take some pictures to go with the with sale. Good pictures are vital on eBay. In fact, a sale on eBay can be an average one or great one depending on the quality of the pictures. Make sure the images are sharp, correctly exposed and most importantly, watch your background. A messy or untidy background can put off a potential purchaser in a split second. The world does not need to see a radiator in the background full of your freshly washed underwear.

Likewise, a well worded description on eBay can add dollars/pounds to your sale price. Just a few simple paragraphs noting the age, the condition, the usage and any extra accessories with the camera, plus the reason you are selling it. It really pays to be honest too. Try to be a bit different to all the rest. Write your description from the camera’s point of view. For example: “My master has ditched me because he started to have an affair with a younger slimmer digital camera, with sexy curves and pretty silver buttons. I have been un-ceremoniously kicked out, and need a new home with somebody who will really care for me etc”. It does work using this approach.

Finally, re-pack the cleaned camera, and all the accessories back into the original box, just like when you opened it for the first time, ready for sale or trade in. It looks good when you walk into the camera shop if its packed like this, and it makes the job of the shop owner a lot easier to re-sell your old camera afterwards.

One last tip is to make sure you have a rough idea of what the second hand price is before you try to sell the camera, so you know what its worth. This is really useful if you have to ‘haggle’ a bit over the price or the trade in deal. I know must people would rather chop one of their hands off than haggle over prices, but it can save you money. If you cannot get the price knocked down, try asking for a free camera bag or memory card instead. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Good luck selling your camera…

Nice clear simple images without a cluttered background are the best (Camera is NOT for sale before you ask)
Nice clear simple images without a cluttered background are the best (Camera is NOT for sale before you ask) | Source
Use different views to show the condition of the camera.  (Camera is NOT for sale before you ask)
Use different views to show the condition of the camera. (Camera is NOT for sale before you ask) | Source


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    • Midnight Oil profile imageAUTHOR

      Midnight Oil 

      6 years ago from Isle of Man UK

      Selling your camera - preparation is key. The actual process for selling your camera really starts on the day you first buy it.


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