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Print pictures of your digital photos

Updated on March 14, 2015

Photo projects

Book on special landscape projects that will make you a better photographer.

Print digital photos

With the invention of affordable digital cameras, people are taking thousands more digital photos than they ever did with film. To get the most enjoyment out of your digital photos you want to.learn how to take the best photos, and then you will want to print photos of your friends and family and other fond memories that you want to have prints of to see often. The advantage with digital photos is that you only need to print the ones you want.

Digital Photos

One of the problems with digital cameras is that many people take pictures, but they never print any of the pictures; they put them online or just have them in the camera, There are advantages of having prints of good pictures; you can enjoy them any time you want by putting them in frames or on the refrigerator or wherever, so you see them and enjoy them anytime.

Once you have the digital photos, there are several options that you have as to how to get prints. The fastest and easiest way is to do the printing at home. The problem with printing them at home is that most people have an inkjet printer, and they are the best choice for printing photos. Although some print decent quality photos, the ink dries up if you don’t use them frequently, and you will be out of ink if you want a print, and it’s been a while. The solution is a dye sublimation printer.

Our cat
Our cat

Printing at home

have been using an Epson Picture Mate printer for about four years. These printers use a cartridge that does not dry up. You can let it sit idle for three or four months, start it up, clean the heads and print away. The prints come out to about 15 cents each, and you can have a print from your camera in less than 2 minutes from the time you take it. The printers are not expensive either; the current model is around $90, and the prints are of excellent quality.

sunset shot
sunset shot
steam tractor photo print
steam tractor photo print

Retail store printing

There are other options for making prints. You can take your memory card to a store and print digital photos from the machine in the store. These machines are available at many stores all over the country. The cost varies, but the quality is good at most of the machines.

You can also get prints at photo places that print film as well. Photo printing places like Target, Ritz Camera, Wolf photo, Wal-Mart, Sam Club, Walgreen, and many others. The print quality is excellent, so look for the best prices, if you look for specials, you can get really excellent deals in an hour.

Read this page for great information on how to improve your photography, updated daily.

Online prints

The other option is uploading them to a printing site online where you can pick them up at a local store or have them shipped to you. The least-expensive method is to have them shipped to your house. You can get special pricing sometimes in the 6 to 9 cents per print. The quality of most of them is fairly good, but they are not as good as you can get with the dye sublimation printer, in my opinion.

There are a couple of exceptions. Mpix and Adorama Pix are the 2 best quality sites to print digital photos online. Mpix has some unique papers and types of prints that you can’t get anywhere else; the metallic paper is very cool on some prints. Adorama has excellent quality prints at a lower price than Mpix.

With the availability of phone cameras that take good pictures now, the online option is really becoming popular. Check out apps for your phone and check out how to take great shots with your phone camera.

Bottom line

The best thing to do to get excellent prints is to get a dye sublimation printer for home and use it for when you want to quick print or a few for friends and family. If you need to get a lot of prints, and you want quality and low price, online at Dotphoto and ezprints are my top choices. If you want to get photo greeting cards, Ezprints is the best least-expensive place. If you want something different check out Mpix, if you want the top quality at a lower price than Mpix on the regular paper, order from AdoramaPix. Check out your options to print digital photos, and you will enjoy them more and get more out of your digital camera.

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