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Printable Templates for Kid's Crafts

Updated on April 20, 2016


These templates can be used for the games and activities I've suggested at the bottom or just for cutting out and coloring.

Octopus Template Coloring Page
Octopus Template Coloring Page
Fish Template Coloring Page
Fish Template Coloring Page
Mermaid Template Color Page
Mermaid Template Color Page
Mermaid Paper Doll Pieces
Mermaid Paper Doll Pieces

Activities & Games

Here are some activities and games you can play using the templates.

Intro to Magnet Fishing

Magnet Fishing in Class

Magnet Fishing

I got the idea for this activity from an episode of Little Bill. It seemed way to fun and easy not to try it out!

What You'll Need:

  • A fishbowl or deep clear container OR a box decorated in an underwater theme.
  • Color paper or cardstock for fish
  • Sticks and string for rods
  • Flat or small magnets
  • Paper clips
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Markers, crayons, glitter, and whatever else you want to use for decorating.
  • (optional) Flat marbles to decorate bottom of the tank.

Constructing the Game:


- Cut out hook shape from paper of a flat magnet. If it is a paper hook glue a small magnet to the bottom of the hook.

- Tie, tape, or glue string to the top of the hook. Make sure string is long enough that it can reach the bottom of the tank, but not so long that there is a lot of slack when fishing.

- Tie other end of string to stick.

Fish & Under Water Dwellers

- Cut out and decorate fish and other things.

- Attach paperclips to their heads or tails. Make sure clips are secured.

Fish Tank

Decorate in an underwater theme or add marbles and other fishbowl d├ęcor.

Playing the Game

Place fish in the tank, but space them out so more than one isn't caught at a time. Take your rods and lower the hooks inside the tank to catch the paperclipped fish.

This alone will be fun for toddlers, but here's a few ideas to make it more interesting:


Use a box where you cannot see what you're catching and have each fish worth a certain number of points.

For example:
5 for red fish
10 for blue fish
20 for octopus
50 for mermaid

Whoever gets the most points after catching 10 fish wins the game.

Truth & Dare

On each fish attach a challenge like "do a funny dance" or "sing the alphabet backwards." This could be combined with the points game as well. For example, "For 100 points hop on one foot ten time while touching your nose and patting your head." Something silly like that.

Along with the Dares you can also add truths to get to know your kids better. Sometimes it's hard to open up and just have a conversation. For truths you can put in questions like, "What is the funniest thing that happened to you today?" or "What is something you learned today that you thought was really interesting?" or "If you could be the parent for the day what would you like to do this weekend?" Questions like these could open up some really interesting dialogue between you and your children. You might learn things about them you never would have guessed!

Prize Fish

Hide little treasure boxes for surprise treats for the kids like "Good for one cookie" or "30 minutes extra playtime at the park." Hide a few in there for yourself too, "Help mom/dad with the dishes tonight." Haha, I bet they'll LOVE getting those.

Number & Letter Fish

Practice letters and numbers by drawing them on the fish and teach your little one about it when they pull it out the tank.

Word Fish

Write words on the fish and catch 5 or so of them. Then try to make up a silly story using the words you found. You can do it adlibs style by making certain color fish different types of words, ie red fish are nouns and blue fish are verbs.

Math Fish

Practice math equations by writing numbers on one colour of fish (let's say green) and symbols on another (yellow). Have your kids practice math by catching two green fish and a yellow fish.

These are just a few ideas you can try, I'm sure you can come up with some more.
Happy fishing! Hope you have fun! :)


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    • profile image

      Adriana matteo 5 months ago

      printing opition would be extremely helpful

    • daisyjae profile image

      daisyjae 5 years ago from Canada

      That would be awesome, thank you.

    • followthestray profile image

      Samantha Harris 5 years ago from New York

      I'll be sure to update this with more soon! Glad they'll be useful :)

    • daisyjae profile image

      daisyjae 5 years ago from Canada

      This will be very helpful to my home daycare. Thanks for sharing this, I will definitely come back to this.