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Psychological Map From Americans Have a Skewed Perspective Of The World

Updated on October 12, 2014

New York City Center of Universe

Manhattan, New York from the Air
Manhattan, New York from the Air | Source


How did this hub come about? This was the path: 1. Click the Forum to see what people are talking about. 2. Begin reading the dialogue 3. Have an idea for an answer 4. Search the web with all kinds of iterations and configurations of various words that should bring up the answer 5. After an hour of searching can't find what I'm looking for but find something of interest 6. Decide this is more than an answer for forum 7. Copy the video link as the "focal point" of this article 8. Click start new hub and begin writing 8. It's all free form from here...

True Reverse Perspective

Super Video But Not What I Was Looking For

Hey Hubbers out there. Does anyone know the name of the painting and artist's name that created a drawing or painting of the world with New York City as the focal point? It is a colorful image showing a world map with all the countries as small and New York City as The Big Apple really totally out of proportion. The scale is skewed and the perspective like a 'fish eye.'

I remember it from art school, but cannot remember the artist. It's also possible it was a black and white ink drawing originally.

As I keep searching the most amazing websites appear:

James Howe Photography

Image of New York Skyscraper

More awesome Flicker Photos

Watch the dream-like underwater landscape of human sculptures at the bottom of the sea. The music is "The Blue Planet" by George Fenton played by the BBC Concert Orchestra. Instead of a 'fish-eye' perspective, that's the fish who swim around the humans in a better perspective. We stand silent and they get to move. Reverse aquarium.

The Silent Evolution by Jason DeCaires Taylor

George Segal, Artist

George Segal Exhibition of Life Size Plaster Molds Depicting Daily Life In The City
George Segal Exhibition of Life Size Plaster Molds Depicting Daily Life In The City | Source

The Entire World Map Is Wrong

  • I just saw this video and wondering if it is factually correct?

  • Cartography Page | The Mercator Map | The most widely used map in the U.S. today is the Mercator projection map. Mercator maps often appear in businesses, in libraries and in classrooms where geography is taught. This popularity is surprising, given the fact that the Mercator projection was first constructed in 1569, primarily for use by navigators. | The Mercator projection’s undeniable value to navigators stems from the fact that a straight line drawn by the traveler will have a constant compass bearing. This is accomplished, however, by spacing the parallels (lines of latitude, measuring North and South) in specifically increased amounts from the Equator to the poles, which results in an enlarging exaggeration factor of 33 past 80? latitude.
  • Nineteen Maps That Put The World Into Perspective

Changing the World Map on West Wing

We Are Just Clay To Be Molded

What is our perspective of ourselves within our environment, our neighborhood, county, state, country, continent? Something we must take a moment to think about to get an answer. In a way, this is exactly what EarnestsHub asked in the Forum.

Dumbfounded by the single-point perspective of Americans on the internet, like they owned the world. The rest of human population were country-less, home-less if they could not answer USA. What?! Can't attend an event in Silicon Valley California or The Big Apple New York City. Where do you live, anyway? No drop-down menu or place to type in your location. Sorry state of affairs and I'm feeling inadequate that I only speak one language, while everyone else knows at least two.

Come to think of it, this type of iconic drawing may now be seen of every major city map in the world. As a tourist you may have a map depicting the city as a blow up enlargement and the rest of the landscape diminutive. 

China's Terra Cotta Soldiers

China Emperor's Terra Cotta Army Tours the World Reminds me of the Underwater Sculptures
China Emperor's Terra Cotta Army Tours the World Reminds me of the Underwater Sculptures | Source

The Meandering Path. Does Someone Have An Answer?

Dear Earnestshub of Melbourne, Australia ~ This is quite comical. The answer lies in the delusions and inadequacies that Americans have about themselves and the rest of the world.

1. Click the Forum to see what people are talking about.

EarnestsHub posts a question: America, the only country in the world online! He's flabbergasted and beside himself in amazement that people's of other countries are not acknowledged in on-line forums and in-put forms, calendars and scheduled events. He feels their perspective has a narrow field of vision, thus the 'fish-eye' world view.That's when the map image comes into my mind and I go on a wild goose chase trying to find that picture. Anyone know what I'm talking about and can find it so we can all look at it on this hub?

2. Have an idea for an answer

I'm thinking that we all live in some kind of delusion. The video showing the artist drawing in 6-point perspective reminds me of ESCHER and his unique ability to create an imaginary world on paper that depicts 3D interlocking space. See my other hub, Homeopathy: Finding Patterns to Explain Behavior & Beliefs describing a similar idea.EarnestsHub will see this world view change in this decade. He is not the only one who realizes America has lost prominence as world leaders, will grande ideas, innovations, in all areas of politics, science, finance, art, medicine, education and technology. We lag behind but won't admit it.With and all points on the map can be the focal point, even the oceans and the stars. America has shrunk to a tiny point, a whisper.

Search the web with all kinds of iterations and configurations of various words that should bring up the answer

Searching in google using words like, "Map, New York City, drawing, exaggeration, skewed, out-of-proportion, artist, painting, artist, enlarged, contrast..." brought up nothing but The Twin Towers, Maps of the city and varied sundries, but no cookie. if anyone gets the answer, tell me what keywords they used to search. Many wonderful photographic images of the Brooklyn Bridge and old time New York popped up. The search wasn't for naught, just not what I needed.

5. After an hour of searching can't find what I'm looking for but find something of interest

This Hubpage is the result of my explorations. I could keep going and going, but need some sleep. I hope you enjoyed the journey with me and have some good answers to give EarnestsHub, maybe more confirmation or something to upset his applecart. I love this community, but have to get back to my little world over at HWC.

6. Decide this is more than an answer for forum

I couldn't fit all of this in the forum and another reason I'm writing this Hub is due to the false perception given on my initial click from the right hand column to a different Forum question. See below. The more I read, the more ideas flow, the longer the piece grows.

7. Copy the video link as the "focal point" of this article

Once the video gets inserted the rest of the article develops into a life of its own. No longer do I know if I'm answering the Forum Question. Life is a process.

8. Click start new hub and begin writing

Here we are at the end of the story. Looks like its taken about 3-4 hours to write this hub. Way too long.

Artistic Perspective on New York

Preface To This Hub

I was visiting Stabilized Organic Aloe Vera and Obesity. On the right hand column was a FORUM topic called, "Why Obesity Should Be Treated Like A Health Issue, Not A Crime." "CLICK REPLY" Just as I'm about to post a comment a message pops up telling me not to reply. I think this is odd and kind of weird that Hubpages should encourage us to view conversations and then tell us not to comment. 

It is similar to news articles that say, "All comments closed." And, since they suggested that I start a new forum topic or write a new hub, this planted the idea for me to do one or the other. I'm hooked. Any comments?

Hubpages Post A Reply Warning Message

Shall I or not post a reply?
Shall I or not post a reply? | Source

Addendum To Fish Eye New York City

Gosh! It's been years since I wrote this article. And, guess what? A few clicks and searches and I found something a bit familiar to answer the initial search question.

  • The World As Seen From New York's 9th Avenue seems the closest response so far. The author is a "map" collector. He says, "Many New Yorkers feel their city is more than just the (self-proclaimed) capital of the world. They think it actually is most of the world, the rest of the planet merely being the unavoidable orchard in which their Big Apple grows.
  • More Cool Maps

Who Is Changing Your Reality?

Google, Bing, FaceBook

All of the search engines and sites that harbor, store, sell and investigate your personal information utilize the date to change YOUR view of the world. These companies use algorithms to personalize where you might click around the internet. They certainly manipulate which advertisements and products they attempt to sell you. Surprisingly they learn your weak spots, whether you can't pass giving to animal rights, a destitute person, or perhaps have a hankering for particular line of clothing, jewelry, fashion or electronic gadgets. This means know how to move you where they want you to go. You might be interested in founder Eli Pariser new book, "The Filter Bubble" to read what he has learned about this issue.

Other Hubs By Debby

About the Author

Debby Bruck, CHOM is the founder of Homeopathy World Community and believes that homeopathy is the wave of the future that provides hope and healing to those who have tried every other approach. Follow Debby on Twitter.

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Just noticed this is my 80th Hub. Comments, Questions?

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    • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

      Debby Bruck 

      6 years ago

      Hello Billy ~ Yup. I think my mind may be a bit wacky. It takes me on many mental trips through the strange, rare and peculiar territories of curiosity, learning and adventure. Glad you had fun! Blessings, Debby

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      6 years ago from Olympia, WA

      That was one of the stranger journeys I have taken on HP in quite some time. What an interesting mind you have! I am much too tired to venture further tonight but thank you so much for the mental challenge. I enjoyed it immensely.

    • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

      Debby Bruck 

      8 years ago

      Thanks for going the extra mile in search of image.

    • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

      Debby Bruck 

      8 years ago

      Thanks TM. Maybe we can locate it.

    • tmbridgeland profile image


      8 years ago from Small Town, Illinois

      That picture was from an old cover of the New Yorker magazine, and showed how New Yorkers viewed the world.

    • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

      Debby Bruck 

      8 years ago

      Awesome everyone. Eleven ratings of all different types: useful, awesome, funny, beautiful.

    • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

      Debby Bruck 

      8 years ago

      Sure. A little patriotism, and belief in your self, your country, and your better qualities can't be all bad. In fact, if we would have a bit more pride in our work and create better products we would have something to crow about.

      Earnestshub's attempted to point out in the forum that when individuals in one country don't account for the needs of people living in other countries, there is a lack of diplomacy, which appears a bit haughty or better-than-thou.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      8 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for a great hub. Americans are a be bit convinced about themselves but I think also most of the other nations when they think and talk about their country. It is just being proud of their country. There is nothing wrong with that.

    • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

      Debby Bruck 

      8 years ago

      What this hub says is that we are all living in our own delusions and perceptions of the world. Americans are no longer the leaders in technology, medicine, science, art, education or any other field for that matter. Thus, I am in agreement with you. The depiction of the map where USA is larger and at the center is simply a symbolic representation of how they appear to themselves. The delusion twists the map out of shape, both our mental map and the physical map. However, all of that will be changing rapidly. Thanks for visiting this Hub.

    • earnestshub profile image


      8 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Hi Debby. I thought I would take a look and leave a comment. I stand by what I said in the forum. Americans have a very warped view of their position in the world, or at least the ignorant ones do. I have unlike your other commenter NOT seen this in ANY other country in the world that I have been to.

    • tmbridgeland profile image


      8 years ago from Small Town, Illinois

      I'll try to find it. It was probably from a link off Instapundit.

    • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

      Debby Bruck 

      8 years ago

      Hello tmbridgeland. Thanks for being the first to comment. Aren't our brains interesting? If you come across the piece of art, please share.

    • tmbridgeland profile image


      8 years ago from Small Town, Illinois

      Great Hub. I actually saw the picture today, while browsing, but I can't remember where I saw it.

      By the way, I have lived in several countries and found exactly the same sorts of skewed viewpoints as Americans show.


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