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Pulchritudinous: The Photography of the People

Updated on June 19, 2016

The work presented shows how people express their identity from their gender to their sexuality and self-identity. Exploring the idea of each person being beautiful no matter how they identify and that expressing yourself freely is what everyone truly wants. We see artists convey the female role in society and other personalities as well as the shaping of self identity. Identity is constantly changing. We see the process of coming out and being true to yourself as well as life within the queer community.

Cindy Sherman uses herself as a vehicle for commentary on a variety of issues of the modern world: the role of women, the role of the artist and much more. Cindy Sherman photographs herself trying to convey the female role in society and other personalities. She explores the shaping of self-identity and how it is an unpredictable arrangement between social orders and personal meaning.

23 pasted down contact photos some of which have been hand colored, You feel her experimentation, her playfullness, you can see the artists voice, you see a swi


Holly Andres takes her own experience from her family and creates moments in which she wants to convey identity through space through a psychological portrait. She is another artist who also plays with femininity and identity is Holly Andres. She explores the idea of female introspection, their search for themselves in a mental process.


Claude Cahun’s identity personally is an enigma in itself, being an identity that constantly changed. She presented herself in many ways, male, female. Sexualized, androgynous and many more which we see through the photographs presented. Claude Cahun takes identity and explores the idea that identity and self expression is constantly changing it is fluid.


Paola Paredes takes a whole different way of expressing her identity. Capturing the moment before, during and after she comes out to her family we see the emotion surrounding the process of accepting and letting other people in. She set up three cameras and captured the moment.


Finally we have Catherine Opie. She documents life within the queer community from gender to sexuality through the portraits that are presented. Gender is social construct it is something that we as humans have invented. We see here that Catherine is taking people who express themselves in different ways and photographing them.


Each photographer takes their understanding of identity and creates these works of art that present gender, sexuality, and self identity to view.


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