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Create Glossy Caramel Text with Herringbone Patterned Glow

Updated on February 4, 2016

In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial you will be shown how to create dazzling Text Effect by using lots of layer styles and adding awesome glow effect. I know that your eyes will get wide opened when you have a detailed look at the final result as the transparent glow effect at the upper part of the text is patterned. It is really unusual to texture the glow but I tried to experiment and think that the outcome is pretty cool. So let us get down to work and do our best to create something unique.

Below is the final result we should achieve. I have used default font, ordinary Blending Options and instruments so all Photoshop versions are applicable.


Go to File, New to create a new .psd document. In Name field type Glowing Text or something else if you don't like my title. Set Width to 1200 Pixels and Height to 600 Pixels, insert 96 Pixels/Inch for Resolution then select RGB Color for Color Mode and Transparent for Background Contents. Rename Layer 1 that you'll get in Layers Panel to Background.

Prepare the Colorful Background with Reflected Gradient and Red Shadow

In the next three steps you are going to colorize the Background layer with light navy blue. After that you'll have to apply to this first layer two colored Reflected Gradient Overlay of -93 degrees Angle. I have chosen this Angle to make the Background look a bit asymmetric.

You should also add bloody red Inner Shadow to slightly darken the canvas borders. If you prefer, you can use bigger Choke and Size than those I have inserted for the Inner Shadow effect but I don’t recommend you to overdo.


Change the Foreground Color to #0c786f and use Paint Bucket Tool or Edit, Fill, Foreground Color to colorize your Background with nice shade of blue.


With this step starts the fun part- a long play with the layer styles- applied not only on the Background but later on the Text and Glow layer. So now double click on Background layer's thumbnail to activate Layer Style dialog box. Firstly check Gradient Overlay and insert the following settings:

Blend Mode: Normal

Dither: unchecked

Opacity: 75%

Select Red-Orange, Blue-Green Gradient

from the Gradient Picker.

Reverse: unchecked

Style: Reflected type of gradient

Align with Layer: checked

Angle: -93 degrees

Scale: 115%.


The next and last Layer Style to be added to the Background layer is Inner Shadow. Change its settings as follows:

Blend Mode: Multiply

Color of Shadow: #d62300

Opacity: 100%

Angle: 113 degrees

Use Global Light: checked

Distance: 0px

Choke: 30%

Size: 100px

Contour: Linear

Anti-aliased: unchecked

Noise: 5%.

Now you can press OK button to close Layer Style box.

This is the Background you'll get after applying both layer styles:

Type the Text and Create Glossy Caramel Effect with Blending Options and Brush Pen on Canvas Texture

In Steps 5-13 you'll be using the default Aharoni Font to type the Text. When you are ready, you should apply eight layer styles to make the Text colorful, glossy and more prominent. You have to add Shadow, metallic Gradient, orange Glow, pastel colored Stroke and 3D Effect. The most important is applying Brush Pen on Canvas Pattern (default for Photoshop) which will create awesome segmented Texture.


Now you are going to create the Text. As you can see I have chosen blue Text Color but you can use another one as we are going to change it anyway after applying the Gradient Overlay.

Navigate to your Tools bar and select Horizontal Type tool. You should change its settings in the Options bar: firstly choose the default Aharoni Font from Font Family menu, Set its Font Size to 200pt and Set the Text Color to any color shade you like. I used the same as the Background Color- #0c786f. You can also press Toggle the Character and Paragraph Panels icon and Set the Tracking to 100 but it is not obligatory as we won't use thick Stroke and there is no possibility for the letters to overlap.

After you have inserted the new Horizontal Type tool settings, type Bright in capital letters.

While the Bright Text layer is highlighted, press Ctrl+G (Layer, Group Layers) to place it in a separate Group. Rename the new Group 1 to Text.


Now you have to add eight Blending Options to the Text layer. Right click on it and select Blending Options or go to Layer, Layer Style, Blending Options. The first Layer Style to be checked is Drop Shadow. Its Angle should be 113 degrees. Reduce Distance to 0px, increase Spread to 40% and Size to 25px. Leave all other default settings unchanged.


The second Layer Style to be applied on Bright Text layer is this Gradient Overlay:

Blend Mode: Normal

Dither: unchecked

Opacity: 100%

Select Copper Gradient

from the Gradient Picker.

Reverse: checked

Style: Linear type of gradient

Align with Layer: checked

Angle: 90 degrees

Scale: 100%.


Now check Inner Glow Layer Style and change four of its settings:

Opacity: 100%

Color of Glow: #f38112

Source: Center

Size: 45px.


This time tick Inner Shadow Layer Style and change its settings like this:

Blend Mode: Multiply

Color of Shadow: #0d3335

Opacity: 100%

Angle: 113 degrees

Use Global Light: checked

Distance: 0px

Choke: 40%

Size: 20px

Contour: Sawtooth 2

Anti-aliased: unchecked

Noise: 0%.


Let us add Gradient type of Stroke to colorize the Text borders so check Stroke Layer Style and insert these settings:

Size: 7px

Position: Outside

Blend Mode: Normal

Opacity: 100%

Fill Type: Gradient

First Color Stop (Location 30%): #b76f53

Second Color Stop (Location 53%): #6c3309

Third Color Stop (Location 65%): #997e00

Reverse: unchecked

Style: Shape Burst

Align with Layer: checked

Angle: 0 degrees

Dither: not checked

Scale: 100%.


In order to add 3D effect now you are going to apply this Bevel and Emboss:

Style: Inner Bevel

Technique: Smooth

Depth: 1000%

Direction: Up

Size: 18px

Soften: 0px

Angle: 113 degrees

Use Global Light: checked

Altitude: 21 degrees

Gloss Contour: Linear

Anti-aliased: not checked

Highlight Mode: Screen

Color for Highlight: #bdac39

Opacity: 100%

Shadow Mode: Multiply

Color of Shadow: #2a5c67

Opacity: 40%.


The last Layer Style but one to be applied is Contour: select only Half Round from the Contour Picker and leave the other two settings as given by default.


To complete the work on the Bright Text you have to add this Texture:

Pattern: Brush pen on Canvas (150 by 150 pixels, Grayscale mode)

Scale: 1000%

Depth: +40%

Invert: not checked

Link with Layer: checked.

Our work on the Bright Text layer is accomplished. You should get the following result if you have used all my layer styles settings given in the previous steps.

Create the Patterned Glow

In the next six steps your task will be to add glow to the Text. You will use Selection loaded on the Text which you are going to reshape with the help of Elliptical Marquee tool then you have to fill it with golden shaded Foreground to Transparent type of Gradient. You also have to change the Blend Mode of the Glow layer and as a final touch you should add Herringbone Pattern Overlay to create unique glossy and textured effect.


Create a New Layer on top of Text Group and name it Glow, then Set the Foreground Color to pale yellow- #f0e687.


While Glow Layer is highlighted, hold down Ctrl key and click on Bright Text layer's thumbnail to load selection. Then Grab Gradient Tool, select Foreground to Transparent Gradient from the Gradient Picker and click on the Linear Style of Gradient icon. When ready with the Gradient tool settings, drag with the instrument from the upper to bottom part of the selection and you'll get the following result:


Take Elliptical Marquee Tool and draw a selection as you see on the screenshot below. Press Delete to get rid of the selected parts of the glow then press Ctrl+D (Select, Deselect).


Change Blend Mode of Glow layer to Soft Light.


Now comes the main part of this tut- adding Herringbone Pattern to our Glow which will make our Text really unique. So double click on Glow layer's thumbnail to call Layer Style box, check Pattern Overlay and insert the following settings:

Blend Mode: Soft Light

Opacity: 100%

Pattern: Herringbone 2 (64 by 21 pixels, RGB mode)

Scale: 406%

Link with Layer: checked.

This is how the Bright Text will look after applying Pattern Overlay on the Glow layer.

In Layers pane you should have one separate Background layer and one Text Group with two layers in it: Bright Text layer and Glow.


This is our Bright Text Effect outcome saved in .jpg format. In order to sharpen the image and improve the look of the Text I have applied Filter, Sharpen, Unsharp Mask. You can do the same to get a better result, just adjust the settings of the Unsharp Mask Filter according to your taste.


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