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Quilting and Patchwork

Updated on September 8, 2013

Quilting and Patchwork Inspiration

Quilting and Patchwork: Get Creative!

With many of us leading very busy and stressful lives due to our work commitments, it is often a great relief to have a hobby which can make our spare time more enjoyable and help us leave our worries behind. For many, turning to their hobby or pastime can fill their lives with delight and enrichment which for some can help them nourish their creative talents, and in some cases, also help them find a skill which can aid them in their careers.

Quilting and patchwork was originally practiced by farm women as a means to retreat from their household chores and home lives, and do something as part of a friendly group. It not only allowed them to do something enjoyable for a few hours, but also aided them in producing useful items which were needed around the home such as bed coverings and curtains. It has remained one of the oldest hobbies and is still widely practiced by many, showing that it has still maintained its popularity throughout the years.

But you may wonder-why exactly has quilting and patchwork remained such a popular hobby?

As times have changed, quilting is not necessarily practiced as a means to produce needed items, but more so as an enjoyable pastime and a way in which those who practice it can get their creative juices flowing, and has now become more of an art form than it was first perceived. By using a wide variety of beautiful and interesting fabrics, you are able to express yourself in an inspirational way, creating a variety of designs and ideas for new ways in which to express yourself in this artistic manner.

As fabrics can be found almost anywhere whether it is from a fabric store, a thrift store, or even your own wardrobe, the possibilities really are endless in terms of how you can use this method of craft to create beautiful pieces of quilting and such. Many of those who practice quilting and patchwork often do this merely as a means of enjoyment and love of the craft and being artistic.

When a piece is completed, you will be filled with an amazing sense of pride and happiness of what you have produced, which is more often than not, enough to spur you on to produce more pieces. However, when they are combined with additional add-ons such as patch work, the practitioner can create beautiful pieces which are not enjoyed by themselves, but also appreciated by other also. It is for this reason that many often turn their pastime into a profitable small business, creating pieces in their spare time at a pace which suits them which allows them to not only continue to enjoy the craft, but still reap the benefits.

Although quilting and patchworkallows you to produce pieces which are beautiful and enjoyed by those who admire them, they also act as a wonderful keep sake which can be kept within your family. Many families often have a quilt which has been passed down through the generations, with each adding their own sections to the quilt, which makes it an exciting, never ending piece of work to be enjoyed by all.

If you’re a beginner to quilting and patchwork, it really couldn’t be easier to start as it does not require any special skills, just love and a passion to want to create something beautiful. You never know-you could possibly begin your own family quilt which is sure to be enjoyed for many years to come.

Quilting and Patchwork

Woman enjoying quilting and patchwork
Woman enjoying quilting and patchwork
patchwork quilt and hand quilting
patchwork quilt and hand quilting
patchwork quilt design
patchwork quilt design
patchwork quilt with machine quilting
patchwork quilt with machine quilting
patchwork quilt
patchwork quilt
patchwork quilt
patchwork quilt


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