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Rainy day crafts to make and do

Updated on October 19, 2012

If you and your kids are bored why not try yourself at some crafts you will be amazed at how much fun can be had on a boring rainy day with your children making wonderful arts and crafts. This hub will give you a list of fun and inspiring activities that will give you endless fun and entertainment so switch of that television or games console and get imaginative and let your kids learn some new skills which will also in the long run boost your kids self confidence. in this hub you will find simple instructions to make some great creations which can be passed on as gifts to friends and family. My family had always told me when i was a child that the best gift is a gift made personally by some body. So get your pens, pencils, paper, scissors and glue and lets get crafting.

Personalized bandanna book

Pretty much just about any fabric can be used old pillow duvets, scarfs, curtains anything you have lying about that does not get used. Put pretty and delightful letters on the front of the book to make an excellent gift for a really good friend.

Items that you will need are as follows:

Notebook of your choice-


Scissors-(preferably safety type ones) Always be supervised by an adult when cutting-

White PVA glue- Fabric initials or embroidered-

Staple gun (optional) see step 3 first.

This woman uses tape and makes it look easy

Step 1

Cutting out the material

You will need to grab your book and reverse it so it is the wrong way up and put it flat down on the fabric or material that you are using. Cut all the way around it but making sure to leave a 1-2 cm gap extra. Close the book know and center the spine of the book onto the fabric making sure at all times that the bottom of the book is facing you. Know you need to make two slits one at the bottom and one at the top. Know gently push the material inside the spine and glue together but dont forget you will need to give some time for the glue to dry.

Step 2

know you will need to glue and stick the material inside the book to do this you will need to put the front cover of the book flat and rest the other side of the book against your body while you work. As neatly as you possibly can fold the material on the inside to the inside edge and glue this into place and then wait for it to dry.

Step 3

Know for the fun part which might take a bit of doing when the glue has dried you will need to fold the corners that are left over to the inside of the book and also glue these in place. NOTE: When we did this the glue would not stick so it might be ideal to get an adult to staple these down but if you dont have a staple gun dont worry just use more glue it should stick know you need to let the glue dry again.

Step 4

The last part and the easiest part but where would the fun be if it was not a little bit tricky. All you have to do know is take your letters and stick them either on the front of the book or the back.

step 1

You will need to grab your alarm clock and place face down onto the cardboard and trace around it dont worry it does not have to be perfect. Know this is where all your artistic skills come into practice because you will need to draw around the outline of the clock you have just traced. Firstly you will need to draw a head in any shape or pattern you want and then go to the bottom of the outline and draw some feet. Cut the feet and head of know. You will then need to draw the clock window onto the cardboard this is where the ruler comes in handy as it needs to be exact. know cut out the clock window this will show the time of the clock through it. Know lastly you will need to cut out the whole of the body meaning head and feet. Tape the head to the feet but leave a little gap so you can bend the feet.

carefully trace the monster cut out around the faux material and then cut very carefully taking care not to under cut or over cut. This is the easiest part because know all you have to do is glue the faux fur to the cardboard. NOTE: there should still be a hole where the clock time needs to go.

You will know need to put the Velcro pieces on to the clock face on either side making sure that they are lined up so you can attach them to the other pieces of Velcro. know attach the velcro the the back of your furry friend. The reason we use Velcro is it gives you easy access to remove and put back on to still use the dials when setting your clock.

Last thing you will need to do is put those on eyes on using glue and voilla a cute but scary alarm clock monster.

Alarm clock furry friend

This is something that your kids or even you as an adult will love to make and use as there is nothing more personal and cuter than this. The furry alarm clock friend will be a eye piece for any budding craft persons bedroom and is frighteningly fun to wake up to every morning and also can be shown off to friends and family. Also would make a fantastic gift for anybody.

Items that you will need are as follows:

Spare alarm clock-

Corrugated cardboard-

Any pen or pencil-

A ruler

Some scissors (remember always use adult supervision)

1/4 or 1 yard of faux fur


Adhesive Velcro dots or any Velcro cut into dots

Masking tape

Something that will be used as eyes preferably googly eyes

Marbled paper

pretty much everybody knows how to do this one it is one of the best crafts to do and is probably one of my most favorite ones. It is very decorative and the results can yield nothing but beautiful results and whats even better is that it is particularly easy to do. You can use the marbled paper that you have made for all different kinds of things including decorative boxes and books. Each piece of marbled paper that you make has its own unique and individual I.D well thats just like us then isn't it.

marbled paper results
marbled paper results

Items that you will need are as follows:

Marbling inks (various colors)-

shallow dish bigger enough to fit paper in you will be using-

a stick for stirring

A4 plain white paper (preferably)

Firstly you will need to pour your water into the shallow dish the amount of water should be about 1 inch. Once the water is settled and still you will then need to put your marbling ink in the water you could start of with just 1 color's but then you may want to go on to various different colors just experiment and the wonders you can come up with are truly amazing. You need only to use small amounts of the ink at any 1 time as not to spoil the effect. Once the ink is added give the water a slight stir evenly mixing the colors up the aim is to get swirl patterns most typical of marble paintings but try not to ver mix as this can end in a blotchy not very nice looking blotchy painting.

Very gently lower the paper into the dish trying not to make any sudden splashes and fully submerge the paper. Know as gentle as possible press down the piece of paper keeping the paper as still and controlled as possible.

All the finishing touches you need to make know are gently lifting the paper out of the dish allowing any excess water and ink to drip back into the bowl. Alternatively you can lay the paper on a flat service or peg it up although when i have done this in the past the painting tends to run down. Once the marbled paper is finished you can do pretty much anything decorative with it.


Turn an old picture frame into a decoupage

You can pretty much make a picture frame to your own style with this method and the results are breathtaking and beautiful and will put a smile on anybody face if it had there picture inside the frame. Decoupage goes way back but this is my own little traditional twist and you dont even need much stuff and effort to make that perfect looking picture frame.

Items you will need are as follows:

Different colored paper the more jazzy the better-

Scissors (always use under adult supervision)-

A picture frame preferably with big edges-

PVA white glue

Some trim to fit the frame (i have used lollipop sticks in the past-

Buttons various colors but optional

To start of with you are going to be doing some cutting with scissors so remember the rule always make sure there is an adult present. grab your different colored paper and start to cut this out into different shapes like squares and triangles but any shapes will do whatever you like and pile into different piles which makes the craft easier. To get a better idea for yourself arrange the paper cut outs on your frame in your design before you start to stick them on this makes it a lot easier because you have the design in your mind then. Just start sticking them on know with your PVA glue. Make sure you press the shapes really down as sometimes they curl back up and it does not look good you will need to completely cover the frame up with the paper shapes and then that bit is then done just leave to dry know.

This is the part where your frame starts taking shape and becomes personal. You know start sticking the buttons on with your glue sometimes you may have to get an adult to use a glue gun as the glue is more stronger than PVA and sticks the buttons better but try with PVA first and see how that goes if you dont have a glue gun sellotape can come in handy but only as a last resort.

Put your edging on whatever it is you are using using the PVA i used lollipop sticks but it still added to the over all effect and then last but not least the photo. SAY CHEEEESE!

Ending words..........

Did you know the exciting part about crafts is almost anything can be used to make them and you will find it in your house. Ask friends and family not to throw out old stuff as you will recycle it for them because recycling is a big part of crafts well that and the clever person that is making them. Even stuff like egg cartons, yogurt pots, milk carton lids, i could go on and on as there are endless possibilities plus recycling also stops stuff going to land fill sites as well helping keep the earth a cleaner place trust me its never too late. Remember the craft is as only as good as the person that made it in the first place. Hope you will try some of these ideas and i also hope that you have enjoyed reading this hub until next time Goodbye.


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