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Rapture Series by Artist James Roper

Updated on July 28, 2012

James Roper is an English artist born in 1982. His art is greatly influenced by the Baroque period and Japanese art, juxtaposing religious iconography with human sexuality. His artwork has an "epic" feel because of the heavy distortion and movement in it. He recently came out with his "Rapture" series, which exemplifies his work to a tee.

'This is explicitly symbolised in the Rapture series by the use of porn stars as the vehicle for the expression of this 'spiritual' emotion, the shedding of carnal bodies giving way to an abstract purity beneath. The idea of release from the material to the spiritual is apparent in many religions as if there were a divine soul trapped in our earthly bodies, this is analogous to contemporary imagery found in comic books specifically the way in which Clark Kent, a normal man, sheds his clothes to become a Superman.' -James Roper, Juxtapoz Magazine

In this series Roper explores religious purity while celebrating human sexuality, two things that normally clash. Using art and beauty Roper has managed to cohesively blend these two to create a message: our bodies are beautiful. Roper's style, self-described as "optical hyperactivity" invokes a true sense of structured chaos. Often times grandiose and spectacular, his paintings throw their meanings in your face-- in a good way!


Please, if you appreciate his artwork, support this artist by buying his artwork here.

To the side I have listed a few of my favorite pieces from "Rapture", but please use the link above to check out the rest of the pieces in the series. These particular pieces of art are listed under "Drawings".

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