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Reading 'Jewelry Making And Beading for Dummies', A Guide For Wannabee Jewelry Makers and Beaders

Updated on October 3, 2014

Making your own jewelry is super fun – as long as you know what you’re doing! Are you just now getting into making jewelry and beading? If so then it’s probably occurred to you that a good basic guide to the subject would come in handy, before you run off and purchase some expensive tools, a swagbag of gemstones and silver beads for jewelry making. The ‘Dummies’ series of books is famous for exactly that in a wide range of subjects, including Jewelry Making & Beading by Heather Dismore and Tammy Powley.

So, is it the right guide for you? What is it that you need a book on your fascinating new hobby to cover? This Dummies guide really takes you from step one and helps to advise in setting up your materials, tools and working area, before you even get down and dirty with techniques and creations. When it comes to techniques it does start you off right from the very basics, which is great when you’ve never picked up a pair of round-nose pliers or an ear-wire before! However it doesn’t remain at that level of complexity but builds on it, to a level I think is about appropriate for a beginner’s first guide to making jewelry.


Public domain image.
Public domain image. | Source

Along with clear and detailed text instructions for the various projects it contains, the book has lots of useful and helpful black and white line drawings illustrating the projects. This is great for those of us with more visually-attuned brains who sometimes have problems with text instructions! As well as these, there are also some beautiful colour photographs of the end results of the projects, showing just what can be done when you really get into jewelry making and beading and your skills improve!

Home Businesses For Mini-Entrepreneurs: Making Money With Beading and Jewelry Making

Are you thinking of making your new beading and jewelry making hobby a money-making enterprise? Jewelry Making & Beading for Dummies covers this possibility in some depth also. It looks at all the various options for making a home business out of your crafty endeavours, both out in the real world and online. (It also takes a look at some of the requirements and hazards, e.g. tax paperwork and zoning regulations.) I find this to be a useful inclusion in a guide, even one aimed at a newbie: you never know when you may feel that your skill and expertise has been enhanced to a sufficient point that it's worth considering taking jewelry making up professionally.

Would I recommend the Jewelry Making & Beading for Dummies book for a beginner jewelry maker or beader? Totally: it's a great first guide that will take you a long way and provide the basic essentials, before you get to a point where you want additional helpful texts and perhaps classes in order to hone your skills further. Go out and get yourself a copy today!


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