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Realistic Pencil Drawing - Nailed To Time

Updated on November 11, 2013

Timelapse Drawing Video

Artist Review

Time passes by... But we don't have to be nailed to it! This realistic pencil drawing is all about NOT to be stucked in time, in order to move on in life, believing that will not be an end...

Think! How many times in life we judge our parents and grandparents for not being updated to our world? I don't want to follow that kind of road, it will lead us to an endless discussion in generation conflicts. NO!

When i say "believing that will not be an end" it's more powerfull, regarding our mind subject. Living life like if it was to end next day is just dumb, self-destructed and selfish! Living life by meditating in our past, deciding our present and planning our future, is a more hard and difficult of stand it.

Our mind age is NOT related to our body age! NEVER! Maybe that´s why i love to talk to elder people! If we get to know them, our trust let us be more confident with them and when we less expect, those elders are talking crazy earlier adventures! Of course they are not prepared to die! No one is! The danger stands up, when we look to a mirror and hate ourselves for our body weakness and uglyness and we start to think inside: "My time is getting closer!"

DON'T! We make and decide our mind's age! No matter what, we must fight that stereotyped social behaviour!

Try this: You are walking a sidewalk and you are going to pass by an elder sited in a bench. Say to him/her: "Good morning, sir!" or "Good morning, lady!". Even if they don't answer, you already made them happy inside! They started to think: "What a heck... A kid wishing me a good day?"... "he doesn't even know me"... "wow, i was so surprised, that i coudn't even answer back"... "I have to pay more attention".. "Nice, maybe this generation, is not so lost after all".

These kind of thoughts and a lot more, passes by elder's mind! Realise that their mind, normally, as the same age as yours! You just need to get closer to them, get confident with them. After that, you naturally get nice conversations in subjects like girls, parties, soccer, cars, life advices and tricks, etc..

You'll get to experience that you're the one winning with them! For their life experience. At the end of it, you feel more rich inside and impelled to move forward in life, no matter what your body look like with the years passing. And in the deep, you'll feel good with yourself for making a good action, for making that elde's day!

I still remember in dancing with my favourite grandmother, when she was 80 years old and to wacth her happiness! Those kind of memories are the ones that you barely can wash away from your head!

So next time you pass by an elder, think twice in what you can or cannot do to make him/her not to be "NAILED TO TIME"!

Final Picture of the Pencil Drawing

Nailed To Time
Nailed To Time

This is a pencil drawing done with normal graphite pencils on paper. It's size is 16x16cm and it took around 6 hours to finish. I normally use Derwent and Faber-Castell Pencils and 300gr white paper with lower texture, so the drawing get to be more smoother. I used an electric eraser for the small white dots (the shining sand grains) and tortilions or blending stumps for the background. Also used cotton and toilet paper to blend, it depends on the area i'm working on. Oh, i normally use medical gloves, so it wont smudge the drawing with body sweat and fat. Very important.

This drawing was made for the 3rd Small Sized International Exhibition 2013 at Figueira da Foz - Portugal.

It was very cool to and challenging drawing to me, because of the details on it. I had to keep sharpening the pencils in order to draw the small sand grains, considering it's small size.

Drawing Detail

Texture detail
Texture detail

The details made this drawing special! It has the sense of depth i wanted to and the effect of the rusted nail buried on dry ground. The rust took several time to accomplish, as you can watch in the video above.

This drawing, however, is not a tutorial, despite you can learn something from it, like i learn watching other artists videos! If you have any doubt or question regarding on how i made this drawing, please feel free to contact me!

Hope you all like, as much as i did!


© 2013 melafx


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