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Three Recent Works: Edward M. Fielding

Updated on July 22, 2011

Recent photography by photographer Edward Fielding

Photographer Edward Fielding discusses some of his most recent photographs.

Bubble Boy

Bubble Boy by Edward Fielding
Bubble Boy by Edward Fielding

Bubble Boy

"Bubble Boy" celebrates childhood discovery, experimentation and wonderment. I shot this at the Montshire Science Museum in Norwich Vermont. My son is operating the huge bubble making contraption. I don't think he'll ever grow out of the joy he gets playing with bubbles.

This shot was taken indoors with the limited available light of the museum. Even with a 1.7 aperture lens the resulting images was very grainy and noisy. I shot in RAW format and used Topaz deNoise plug-in filter to smooth out the grain to get an acceptable image. Tweaking around with Vibrance and Tint in Photoshop I was able to pull out some fantastic colors created by the bubble soap.

Young Woodpecker

Young Woodpecker by Edward Fielding
Young Woodpecker by Edward Fielding

Young Woodpecker

I've been watching a group of young woodpeckers in my swampy wooded backyard all summer. These little hairy woodpeckers must have just hatched this spring. They frequently visit my bird feeder and for a while one of them started an annoying habit of hammering on the deck railing outside my bedroom window at 5 am.

This shot was the result of setting up the camera on a tripod about eight feet away from the birdfeeder and waiting, reading the newspaper, and waiting, and playing with the dog, and waiting, and taking down the tripod, putting up the tripod and waiting and so on. Of course the bird didn't know where my camera lens was trained and I had to quickly readjust the ball head for the shot. This little fella liked walking around on the post so I was able to capture him away from the bird feeder in a more natural setting.

I used a 45-200 mm zoom on my Micro Four Thirds Lumix G2, to that is equivelent to a 90-400 mm zoom on a DSLR camera. Even with this lens power - birds are small! So as I said I had to camp out rather close to the feeder and wait.

The Grass Is Always Greener

Photography by Edward Fielding
Photography by Edward Fielding

Bovine Yoga

Now for a funny one. At first glance this cow seems to be in pain or stuck under a fence but in reality it is simply reaching as far as it can to get some sweet grass. Driving along Route 5 in Vermont which follows the Connecticut River I saw this line of cows along the highway. They had woods on one side and the road on the other but seemed to be on this well worn path. Perhaps its where they take their afternoon stroll to get out of the midday sun?

This big black horned cow was determined to get some fresh grass even it meant doing a little Bovine Yoga to reach it.


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