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Updating Old Furniture: Hutch Makeover

Updated on September 26, 2013
Old Hutch
Old Hutch

Out With The Old, In With The New

Everyone has atleast one piece of furniture in thier home that is functional but may need some work or updating. Before you throw it out and spend a bundle on a new piece, contemplate redoing the piece you have to suit your taste and decor. I was able to take an old hutch that was dark and drab and turn it into a beautifully renewed centerpiece for my dining room.

Getting Started

To get started you will need to gather your supplies. I used a sander, sand paper, spray paint, and a sealant. You will need a good sized, well ventilated area. I chose to work outdoors, which was a blessing and a curse. I didn't have to worry about fumes, but the wind made it nearly impossible to spray paint at times. I used two different colors of spray paint, and I chose to keep the original hard wear, but there are some beautiful options out there that could really give a piece new life.


The next step is taking your furniture piece apart. I had to remove cabinet doors, and all the handles on the drawers. My hutch also had glass panels that I had to cover before painting. Once you have your piece disassembled you are ready to begin the rigorous process of sanding off any old finishes. Sanding can be tedious and tiring, but will assure much better results than trying to paint over stain.

Painting and Finishing

once you are done sanding you can begin painting your relic. I chose spray paint as my medium, and it worked well. I spray painted multiple layers to ensure full coverage. This was time consuming, but still not as bad as the sanding. When your last coat of paint drys it is important to seal your project with a sealant to avoid any scuff marks. Finally I reassembled my hutch and have been enjoying it's vibrant renewal ever since! I have proven that even the most inexperienced person can redo a piece of furniture, don't let the size of a project intimidate you!


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    • fftpwf profile image

      fftpwf 4 years ago

      Thank you!

    • galleryofgrace profile image

      galleryofgrace 4 years ago from Virginia

      Stunning transformation. Thanks for sharing.

    • brblog profile image

      Bruce 4 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      The finished piece looks great . . . very nice work.