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Review: Our Own Candle Company Candles

Updated on September 15, 2015

Since becoming an Amazon Prime member, I frequented my use of shopping on the site. One of my obsessions in life are candles. Between my mother and I, we have dozens around the house, of various brands from well known names like Yankee Candles, to local home-made brands found at little country stores.

Today I'm going to be reviewing a brand I found on Amazon, (and can be found elsewhere), Our Own Candle Company. They have a variety of scents, and so far I have tried five. The price range, depending on the Amazon supplier, ranges typically from $9.75 - $14.00 CAD, which is very reasonable considering the great quality of the candles.

Our Own Candle Company makes their candles in unique glass mason jars with handles on them and tin screw off lids. The handle is really unique, and great for when you're transporting the candle (lit or not) from one place to another. The only thing is, once they burn down to a certain point, it can be difficult to fit your hand down inside with a lighter or matchstick to light them. (My trick for this is using wooden kebab sticks or something of the like, to light the end and reach down to the wick).

Smells just like a kitchen after a day of baking! Very cosy, makes your house smell great.

The candles burn clean and even, which is always great. When a jar is finished, there usually is not much wax left down in the bottom - also a positive. And let me say - they burn a long time. Their product description on Amazon says 100 hours, and while I don't sit around and time how long they burn, I would say it is pretty close if not exact to what they advertise.

And let's get started on perhaps the most important part - the scents! The scent is not too strong and not too light and easily fills the room. Some scents I find are stronger than others, which can be expected depending on which scent you choose.

Like I said, I've tried five different candles so far. Banana Nut Bread, Grandma's Kitchen, Blueberry Pie, Pumpkin Spice and (quite the odd title) Smell My Nuts, a trio-scented layered candle comprised of Banana Nut Bread, Toasted Coconut, and Hazelnut.They smell just like their titles - delicious.

I really like the triple scented idea. They also have double scented candles. The only thing I find is I become impatient and anxious because you have to wait to burn through the first scented layer to find out what the next smells like!

Since some of their scents in the triple scented candles you can buy as large candles (Banana Nut Bread, for example), it is awesome if you're not sure you'll like the scent. The layered ones make a good first choice if you're trying out the company for the first time. Although, I must say, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

If I had to pick a favourite so far I would have to say it's a tie between Grandma's Kitchen, Banana Nut Bread and Blueberry Pie. Grandma's Kitchen - which smells like baked goods and spices, basically, was the biggest hit overall for it's the first one that we burned down completely. It is also one of the most popular scents on Amazon, as well. I'm more of a baked goods / spices kind of candle lover, especially now that it is getting into the fall - and I must say Our Own Candle Company exceeds at these types of scents. I can't speak for other varieties since I have yet to try them, but I can imagine they'd smell great too.

It's a great candle company and I would definitely consider buying more scents - there is quite the variety to be found on Amazon. This brand I heard, is also carried in Home Depot. If you know other places where you can buy these candles, don't hesitate to let me know in the comments!


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    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 2 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Sounds great.

      I can't recall what they are called but you can get the long handled lighters to use for this pretty inexpensive. If you have a Dollar Tree near you then for just $1.00 and they last forever.